I am bread

If you don’t know what I am Bread is, it’s basically a game on Steam, where you play as bread…
Bread that would make you crazy mad that your neighbor would be wondering why you are yelling at bread, bagel, cracker, french bread or bread having rockets on it.

Here a link to the steam store of the game.


This game sucks…

srsly why does it exist ;_;

Because, it make people like you and me, want to break there computer :smile:
And want people to make reaction videos of it.

I watched markiplier’s let’s play and I started to watch JackSepticeye play it.


are you bready?

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Hey guys, where do you put your bread?
I put my bread in the toilet :stuck_out_tongue:

I watched the AH let’s plays of it. I also watched TFS’s Renegade For Life video on it.

This game seems cool, but I’m wondering.

Is it worth the dough?


I Am Bread must be the hardest game I ever seen.

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Oh if you think I am Bread is hard, you haven’t seen Super Hexagon and Boson X.