I am Nothing - Chaos Makuta (+2001 Rahi Revamps)

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Makuta vs. Tahu

The Battle Continues

The Master of Nothing vs. The Master of Fire

Makuta's Army

The Battle Rages On

Before you all start crying because this is the end, no need to worry. I've got several other MOCs in the que that are already built and ready to release. (seven, in fact, that I can see on my shelf).


I feel like Makuta was laughing to himself when he gave that speech. "Ha, they're actually falling for this? Look at 'em freak out, this is hilarious! Void?... yeah, right."
In other news, neat MOC. It only looks good from the front... but that's the only angle it needs to look good from, right? stuck_out_tongue


Coolio very coolio indeed...

I just finished viewing this on BZP stuck_out_tongue

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I have always been curious about why Makuta's obsession with the void was never looked at deeper than just shadow. I guess it would have made him to OP, adding that onto his other 42 powers. Heck, if he did have void powers, he could mess with all sorts of things, such as time travel, wormholes, and all that good stuff. This sounds like good fan-fic material.


Very interesting MOC. I've never played MNOG, but this guy looks pretty cute... in a demented sorta way. stuck_out_tongue


You haven't?! Get over to the BioMedia Project website right now and play it before I revoke your Bionicle-fan license!

Seriously though, you really should try it out sometime.

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"And it is into nothing that you will go...along with these levitating...2001...Bionicle pieces." -Mesonak


Makuta's connection with the void extended as far as psyching out the Toa. :stuck_out_tongue: