I don't know what to make

Im blanking i dont know what type of MOC to make. i want to make something simple like my Old Kawii drone, Now that thing was CUTE. If you want to see this (I dont know if im allowed to put in a link to my youtube channel this will be edited to a link on further notice.)
I didnt take any pictures of it :stuck_out_tongue: Only a video. so??? Suggestions on what to build???



Make something with wings, that’s black and trans orange and has clawed feet

I like this idea.

Ummmmmmm what are all of these ideas.

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I think they’re suggestions

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I often get this kind of block, but eventually something will come to me. I’ve had it lately coming up with a stand for my self-MOC, but I’ve got an idea now. I usually find that watching new video game trailers and films helps me to come up with characters…

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I’m not quite sure.Make several body parts and a torso individually and put them together and call the moc an intentional amalgmamation.


This is what I do when I get stuck. I build an arm or a leg first and build the rest of the MOC around that.

A mech turtle with wigs and an orange and black color scheme! With Lego there is no limit!

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Take inspiration from things you like. That’s what i do.

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watch a movie ideas will come to you

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Make a giant robot chicken riding shark with laser beams.

Construct a beautiful man in a suit, named Armando…

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