"I get Ripples in my Skin from Radiation" (Eljay & Beasty MOC)

Here’s everyone’s favorite miru-wearing reviewer (and his cat), @Eljay

The terribad Nyran shot



starts cleaning itself

@Mesonak: D’aww, who’s a good kitty?

And a nice lil’ family portrait.

C&C Welcome


I really like the cat.
Eljay has an interesting build, but I’m not sure if I really like that piece as the lone chestplate.


thanks, and, I have no other green CCBS shell longer than a 4.

that, and the torso is tiny


This doesn’t seem as good as mesonak, but that might just be the size and complexity are completely different. The cat is cute


yea, the intention was to have Eljay be significantly smaller than Meso, to add to his imposing nature.

meanwhile, my Viper MOC destroyed that illusion of scale, and it now just looks like Eljay is tiny.

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So Papa Meso, Muma Cat and their son, Eljay?


I really like beastie


Eljay looks quite nice. His shoulders are cool.

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That cat is adorwable

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Eljay’s secret weapon… The addorable beastie.

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Gotta say, the cat is the best part, by a long shot.

I think this moc should be called “50 Shades of Green” because I think you may have backed every single shade of green Lego has ever produced into this guy. The color distribution is pretty poor. Pick two of the shades of green and only use those two.

The way the knee connects looks indecent, specifically how his knees seem to be halfway down the back of his calves, and the exposed balljoint at the top.

His upper arms connect in a fairly unappealing way. It makes them to wide, and the angles they move at are really poor.

The torso covering needs to be reworked as well. The gaps at his hips and the overall shaping isn’t very nice.

A reduced color scheme and a few reworks, specifically the shins, torso covering, and shoulders, would help this guy out.


I love the build, specially Meso! I don’t like Eljay’s Miru, the 2001 Miru is the one Eljay uses!

Gotta love the cat!

kinda hard when you can only find enough of the parts you’re needing in those colors.

I’ll try reworking him in grey.

either that, or go back to the design I used for the first Eljay I made.


not when the MOCer doesn’t have 8 bucks to spare on a single kanohi.

and Meso has his own topic, mate.

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This is the first Bionicle cat I’ve seen other than the Muaka, that alone is great.

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The cat is awesome (even if it is a cat…)! Perfect use of the Skull Scorpio mask.

Eljay looks kinda bootleg. I understand parts limitations, but the best thing to do when you have parts limitations is to avoid projects that are going to use colors or parts that you don’t have enough of (just my humble advice).

Next up, Storm Beastie.


I really like the little cat

Not the biggest fan @Eljay’s build, but the cat’s pretty cool.