I got bored so I made a headless skeleton with a giant hand

this is how bad I am when I’m bored so enjoy weird build

ok is everyone here headless with giant hand


come with me if you want to live


Well the title is clear at the least.

Not much else I can say.

i actually really like that hand design

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thanx I was going to use the hand for a half dead giant build but I’m limited on parts

That’s actually a pretty nice hand; proportions of the fingers are pretty accurate (aside from the one missing finger)

We have a topic for this, if you want to make more of these :wink:


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ok didn’t think about that and I did use a torso from a protector set for the hand
and this is for everyone that likes the giant hand

a nice big thumbs up


At the very least, the title is accurate.

thank you and I find it weird how I haven’t had any hand jokes

“i got bored so I made a headless skeleton with a giant hand”

That sentence was a wild ride from beginning to end.

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Well, that is a big hand.

That is one cool hand design I have to admit.

I might have suggested why his hand is much bigger than the other, but I don’t want to be banned. :wink:

well I did get bored and that is what the end result looked like

if that isn’t the most straightforward title I don’t know what is

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