I got no In-Joke to make this fit in with the others, so have a Viper MOC

and to finish off the trifecta, here’s @Black_Viper

(Apologies ahead of time, some of the pics are blurry, and I just tore down my setup. I’ll try and update some pics tomorrow.)

Here she is with her back daggers.

and here’s the Zaktan head sprouting from her back. once again, apologies for the pictures.

and here she is, joining @Mesonak in therapy Matoran escape!

and here’s the squad of therapy goers Bionicle game players!

C&C Welcome.


That;s awesome.

Paging @Black_Viper.


and she’s already been paged, by my 1st line.

####Edited title to remove unnecesary info - Umarak


comedic value…

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Oh, you can change it back if you want

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I think this one feels a bit standard, and something about it feels off to me. However, it’s still a cool moc, but I still think your meso moc is the best out of the three.

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yeah, he is.

and he took up the most of my parts.

(30 mata hands. 30!)


is it the legs? or something in the torso

I think it’s something about the legs. Yeah, looking back they seem way too long, and the torso is too short.

yeah, I was kinda struggling at that point.

that, and, well, personal critique time:

the lower legs are clunky as all hell, and really look off, while the upper legs are bare-bones basic.

/rant end

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The only thing I don’t like is the sort of hodge-podge knees. Then again she does seem to look more like a lizard. Is that on purpose?

no, it’s not.

it was an attempt to lock the inika knees in, so she could stand properly.

I’ll probably start from scratch on the legs tomorrow.

The Moc is good, but the legs feel too long compared to the rest of the body

I feel like the best parts are where the Inika build shines through, and that isn’t a good thing.

The upper arms are thin, bare and too long, the forearm is simple Inika, and the hands are obviously a traditional moc style, which always works well, but normally doesn’t add much.

About the legs, the upper section is gappy, the knees are incredibly weird, and the rest on down is simply Zaktan, and they are overall way too long.

With the length of the limbs being too long, the torso is way to small. The chest does not flow well with the lower abdomen, which doesn’t flow well to the waist.

The back can’t bee seen well because of the daggers. On the subject of the daggers, te dark gold doesn’t work well with the pearl gold that the rest of the moc uses.

The tail is fairly decent, certainly the least objectionable part besides the hands in terms of form, but I don’t really understand its purpose, which is the most subjective I’ll get.

The neck is also too long, which seems to be a running thing with this moc.

Overall, I think most of this moc needs to be reworked. It’s obvious that you can make great mocs, Meso being the most currently apparent, but I feel like this one was either rushed or suffers from a lack of pieces.


I like all those Zaktan pieces you used

and by “all”, you mean 5?

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Yup. They were small in number, but impactful nonetheless.

Arms are too short.
Neck is too long.
Overall, pretty good.