I Had A Birthday

So the 19th I had a birthday and drew this pic to show what happened:

I got quite a bit of cash, some assortment of brick and constraction stuff, and a spidey chia pet.

Now to the good part. Quite a few people have ones me requests or asked me in topics and I’ve just been to busy or tired to do them, but that’s gunna change. Starting this week I’ll pick three requests for six straight weeks adding up to eighteen pics to celebrate my 18th birthday. So just put a cool request in the comments and the top three for this week I’ll do this weekend, so if you like one leave a like. SO REQUESTS ARE FINALLY BACK(kinda)! Yay.


Nice picture.

hey, happy belated birthday tak

nice pic

happy birthday Tak

happy b-day, have a good one!

Have a rad B-day… I guess

Is this too late?

Awesome picture and happy birthday man!

That is about how I feel on my birthday.

Well that’s pretty cool, Tak!

Also, nice LOSS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy happy belated birthday!

Happy birthday, Tak!

Happy birthday!

(And does this mean you will do the requests I asked for?)

happy birthday! :wink:

Happy belated b-day @tak210

Hold on a second lemme just get my horn


Happy birthday man!

I think that’s skull Scorpio
Happy birthday!


Happy Birth Day man. Nice skull Scorpio by the way.

Nice drawing, facial expression is amazing xD

So, another one from '97, welcome to the club, man :smile: