I Have a Question About "NINJAGOCAST REACTS!"?

Why do the episodes skip scenes in all of your “NINJAGOCAST REACTS!” YouTube videos (I mean – why are there temporal jump cuts in all of your “NINJAGOCAST REACTS!” YouTube videos?)??? Is it because of copyright issues and nothing else, or are there other reasons why the episodes skip scenes in your “NINJAGOCAST REACTS!” YouTube videos?

probably because they’d get a copystrike if they just re-uploaded the full episodes with a facecam slapped on


Yeah, I thought that that would be the case; however, I notice that some of their reactions are missing from the cut parts of the episodes. Therefore, is the version of the “NINJAGOCAST REACTS!” video on YouTube not the full version; and that the full version is only available to Patreon users??? (I really hope that the latter isn’t the case; otherwise, it would be locked behind a paywall, and I absolutely despise paywalls – especially during a pandemic, where people can least afford to donate to The TTV Channel via Patreon!!!)

The full episode with reactions is not available to anyone, Patron or otherwise (as ToaOfPlastic mentioned there would probably be copyright issues with that)

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Many reaction channels are hated/get in trouble for uploading full videos with just their reactions added.

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It’s not because of copyright issues, it’s because we’re not always reacting. What you see are our actual reactions. There are a lot of moments of silence, and these aren’t meant to be replacements for watching the episodes themselves.