I have calculated the average Glatorian/Agori lifespan

First, I designated “Glatorian/Agori” in the title because we don’t exactly know what the relationship between the two is; I’m going to assume that they’re genetically related enough to have these results apply to Agori as well. Chimpanzees can live up to 70 years in captivity, outliving many humans without access to modern medicine.

I will be using Gresh as a model for this. I will also be assuming that the Glatorian species ages at the same rate that humans do; this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case because there are many animals like turtles that reach adulthood faster than humans but survive in a mature/elderly state for much longer. This will require a lot of assumptions that I’m sure can be explained with more specifications about the species, however because this has not yet happened I’m gonna run with it anyway.

So, to cite an Ask Greg from the old LMB days, the human equivalent of Gresh’s age at the time of the restoration of Spherus Magna was “mid-twenties”. Let’s say 25, right in the middle. Now, we need to compare this with the fact that Gresh was alive during the Core War. What we have from the Greg quote is “He was alive but too young to fight.” So this gives us a range to work with; anywhere between a newborn and, say, 15 or 16. It could be that, like many real-life countries, the Elemental Lord of Jungle levied younger soldiers as the circumstances of the war became more extreme. Still, I think 15 or 16 would be about the age that a male human could potentially operate as an effective soldier; Glagori society was based on Greco-Roman customs, and 16 corresponds with the age that Roman soldiers could be recruited, so we’ll run with that.

This means that, going proportionally, if Gresh was a newborn in the Core War then 1 human year would equal 4,000 Glagori years. If Gresh was a teenager who was still too young to fight, 15 human years, then 1 human year would equal 10,000 Glagori years.

Not adjusting for infant mortality, and assuming that Glagori society was able to care for people up to the average human lifespan of 70 seeing as how Raanu was 60 human years at the time of the Reunification Event, this would put the average Glagori lifespan anywhere between 280,000 and 700,000 years. A pretty wide margin of error, but both extremes of this range are equally boggling for the minds of us fleeting humans to comprehend. In Earth terms, a single generation of Glagori that dies of natural causes today was born in the Pleistocene epoch; before the extinction of Homo erectus, and possibly contemporaneous with the lifetime of anatomically modern humans’ and Neanderthals’ most recent common ancestor.

Lizard-people, amirite?


There are also some direct estimates of Glatorian lifespan. First, it is known that Certavus died of natural causes at around 245,000 years old. It’s also known that Surel is still alive at around 265,000 years old. Finally, there’s a bit of blurry information surrounding the ages of other characters. It’s been said that when Lein died 265,000 years ago, none of the existing characters were alive except Raanu. However, it’s also been said that Tarix, who is younger than Ackar, is “probably” around the same age as Surel.

Given how vague these age estimates are, it’s definitely possible for both statements to be true. Since Ackar, who is around the human equivalent of his late 40s, must also be approximately 265,000 years old, and comparing the average lifespan to a 70 year old person, that puts the Glatorian lifespan at around 380,000 years.

This means that 1 human year is equal to around 5500 years in a Glatorian lifespan, which checks out with what we know about other characters’ ages. For example, if we assume Gresh is the equivalent of a 25 year old, that means he’s 137,500 years old, and was the equivalent of a 6 year old at the time of the Core War. If Raanu is the equivalent of a 60 year old, that makes him 330,000 years old, which is consistent with the claim that he was “probably” alive at the time of Lein’s death (he also was around the equivalent of 6 at this time). Finally, this would mean that Certavus died of natural causes at the equivalent to age 45, which is definitely on the younger side, but not impossible, especially given the circumstances.

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In this thread, I came to the conclusion that 1 human year is around 5000 Glatorian years, but that was based on some less-accurate assumptions about the equivalent ages of different Glatorian.

EDIT: For the sake of completion, I decided to calculate ages for the last main Glatorian with a known equivlent age, Kiina, and the results are actually pretty interesting. It’s been said that she’s in the equivalent of her mid-30s, which, according to my scale developed above, means she fought in the Core War when she was just 16 (or, more accurately, the Glatorian equivalent to 16).