I have made a mistake

First off, im sorry if this is in the wrong category, but I didn’t feel like it fit in anywhere else

To get to the main topic though, im still pretty happy with how this project has gone so far, but I have made a pretty funny mistake.

Im working on making a Titan version of Tahu and because of my living conditions (im in the navy and am currently living in basically a navy owned hotel room) I don’t have access to many parts IRL, so I am making the MOC in Studio. and I have been designing the various body parts in separate files to make it easier to edit them separately and used the render tool to see what they look like so far. (sorry if that sounds redundant, that’s the best way I can put it.) I finally felt like I had the legs and torso to a point where I liked them, and I hope you all agree that they don’t look bad!

Front View of Legs

Back of Legs


Still a few things to iron out with all of them, but overall not bad. so I figured I would put them together into one Studio file. and then I saw my mistake…

You see, if you look really closely, you can see that the legs are about twice the length of the torso.

Opps. I still feel like each part set doesn’t look bad on its own, but together it looks a little ridiculous. So I just have two questions; any tips on what i have now (besides proportions of body compared to legs) / Any ideas on how I can extend the body and maintain the same style I have now?


Try bulking up the torso with technic and system, as it already looks a bit hollow. I would also recommend trying not to use the chestplate pieces, as they’re really annoying to use in larger builds.


I would actually recommend you not to use those two small bone pieces that are connecting the torso with the legs. They look weird and unatural.

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It looks good but I agree with Vladin, the extra join between the leg and hip is gonna lose you stability. You may need to create a custom hip design.

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“Who needs a proper torso when you’ve got legs like these?”


Like others have said, the little bone pieces connecting the legs to the torso look kinda awkward. I can’t see and easy fix for just extending the body without starting from scratch - though in my opinion I think you’re better off shortening the legs than extending the body. The thigh design does look really nice though though.