I’m back! (And a M.O.C.)

Hi everyone, I’m Un’Jaguk. Some of you won’t recognize me. That’s because it’s been months since I posted a topic here, and THAT’S because of a forced hiatus due to story reasons for my main storyline. One of the three of us (@Toa_Vladin) has resigned from the project, and thus the remaining two (myself and @psychedelic_octopus) will be continuing after a complete retcon. The retcon is as follows:

  1. The characters are still on Xoriezeghia
  2. Most of the characters remain (the Toa team is smaller and some insignificant characters are gone but the most important characters remain)
  3. We’re restarting from scratch, new backstories and everything.

(Apologies to people that don’t follow the story (most of you), because this may be confusing).

Okay, now onto the M.O.C:
Just a small nightmare beast with fire and anger based powers (apologies that the camera quality is no better).





Where could I find this story you mentioned? Also cool moc. Reminds me of a certain Play stippling moc.

  1. The original can be found in the Literature section (and it’s unfinished), and the new one will be there once I start writing it
  2. Oh yeah you’re right, that’s cool
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This is really good. I like the lava-like back he has, and this spikes look cool.

Maybe you could add more dark blue

I think having the blue only near the front is good colour blocking.

I think you wanted to say that the characters are on Xoriezeghia, because in the story I’ve wrote for this project so far the realm is not even mentioned and they are still on Chrana Magna.

The moc itself seems to be good, however I would change some black with the dark blue. 9/10

I’ve posted every single episode on the story. It is called ‘The Last Toa’. You can find it either in the literature category or in my topics.

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Thanks @Toa_Vladin

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I like the use of The Stars Piraka Head.

NP my man.

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You changed your profile pic!?

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