I made a cosplay for Tahu... 90th anniversary

Been working on this boi for the last 3 months and I’m very happy with the end result. If anyone is coming to Youmacon 2023 or Motor City Comic Con 2023 you’ll definitely see me in my large bulky cosplay of the best rendition of Toa Tahu.

I’ll post more pics as I have them, I can’t really get into it on my own lol

Additionally, I may need a new home for him after MCCC. Judgement is still up with my partner but needless to say there’s not a lot of space to store an 8ft giant Lego in our house. If anyone here is interested (preferably in Michigan since I have no idea how shipping would work), PM me and we can discuss details :slight_smile:

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Ah he’s glorious

Awesome job! It looks really nice


I can’t wait to see the finished product, the main part alone looks hilariously good!


Thank you!
That is the finished product! I’ll be going inside with an orange sweater and one of those Hordika costume swords. I thought it’d be funnier to have him as a costume than as a prop.


Ah that’d be good too, I suppose orange tubes on your arms would be very restricting. Also, you got one of the Hordika costume swords? Where? I’m looking to buy one to match my Vakama Hordika mask.


Yeah, although I’m considering going to Home Depot and getting one of those bendy ventilation tubes and spray it orange, I wanna see how my week goes first.

As for the sword, I got it on ebay. It shows up if you search for “Bionicle Costume Sword”.


Lol is awesome. How do you see and walk inside that thing?


this is the best thing i have seen all year


You come back after 9 years and make a peak post. Noice.
Might be my favourite Bionicle cosplay other than a Vezon one from ages back.


nah just paint your arms orange, just get a bit buff before


This is beautiful.


I’m also curious as to how you see. This guy is great, I assume that PVC frame has casters on the bottom?

Also glad to see you passed all your electrical inspections, very safe


Lol is awesome. How do you see and walk inside that thing?

That’s the neat part, you don’t.

Saw through the arm holes guided by my partner and tiptoed across the entire convention center lol


I assume that PVC frame has casters on the bottom?

Nope, it’s actually a dolly used for fridges, it has wheels so I could move it around.

In hindsight I totally should’ve used some PVC pipping for stability, it was my first time tackling a project like this so I had no idea what I was doing. Might add some supports it in the future, although the integrity of the shape wasn’t as much a concern as the top piece sliding into the corner for some reason. Hotglued some velcro as an emergency fix and it held up for the convention, but I will have to start thinking of a better solution.


Youmacon was a blast! I had so many people ask me where it was from, some little kids very excited to take pictures with the big LEGO man, and was recognized by a surprisingly large amount of fans!

Here are some pictures for those that missed it. If you went to the event and took some, feel free to post them as well!

Did a panel too (my first panel, in fact) and was flabbergasted to see the room overflown! I was expected just a couple people would be interested in a 15 year old discontinued toy franchise, but they had to turn people away, and so many people who had never heard of Bionicle at the start were cheering and gasping at the commercials. It was amazing, thank you so much to anyone who came to it!

Unfortunately, despite my original prediction, chibi Tahu will not make an appearance at Motor City Comic Con. He’s fine, a little damaged here and there but nothing that some sprayed white tape can’t cover.
The issue is that my experience at previous MCCCs have revealed it to be very crowded, and now that I have experience with the suit I’m sure he would 100% break, chip, or crack if I tried to walk him through those halls.

The good news is that I will keep him around for longer, so if I see any other opportunities to show him off here in Michigan I will!

That said, sooner or later I will have to say goodbye to this big boy, so if anyone is interested in adopting him let me know.

Thank you everyone for your support! I love seeing so many people excited by this silly “little” guy.


Aw dang apparently I can’t read a calendar (thought it was next weekend)

It looks awesome dude, glad Bionicle is getting some love in the material world