I made undertale pixel art?

so yah I’ve not posted any thing for a while because i broke my camera so uh yah this is digital i will post my w.d gaster moc soon though also my sister told me gaster looks like rasiny ####


The painting looks ok, but when compared to the actual game, gaster looks a bit too tall, and klowbi’s face just doesn’t work for me.

thank u but this mite be the only time i do this sort off thing
so don’t get any HOPES AND DREAMS for another

who is klowibi

The refference is too obvious =P

Regardless the overall paipnting is not half bad, I like the wingdings on topc too, but I guess the colors are too bright, and Klowbi in general just looks odd

I don’t know why but it remembers me of scooby doo

check out my Gaster Moc

Not bad.
Though Gaster reminds me of the puppet form fnaf.
You made me think of fnaf.