I need a bit of help

So, I did a pole a few weeks ago asking people what I should draw, and it ended with me having to do Artakha. The problem is that there’s no canon depiction of Artakha. So, can you guys help me out with what he looks like?

Make it up…


I’d do that, but I feel like the aesthetic wouldn’t really fit with Bionicle.

What if you use a slightly modified Mask of Creation that would be more in the style of a G1 set and the frame of Hydraxon with modified armor? That’s just what I personally thought Artahka looked like.


That’s a really cool idea! I’ll probably do that!

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Why would you include something with no cannon depiction in a poll like that?

He didn’t. The poll was for a broad topics like Transformers, BIONICLE, or Overwatch. Aiden was also asked to do Artahka, hence why he’s doing said canon character who never had a visual appearance.