I need help for a rahi (I hope I'm in the right category)

When I was wandering on DeviantArt looking for mechanical designs, I flashed on this picture of a robotic changeling from MLP, notably its head:

So, I wanted to make a rahi with a similar head, and 4-eyed like it, so, I came up with that (made on stud.io, with some Bionicle packs)

But it feels not really polished, and not really attachable on a socket, or some part that can be used as a neck.

There is a picture of the back to give you a better idea of how I made it

Any advice anyone ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the help anyway ! :grin:


You could attach a socket to the back as such:

Or if you want a ball, rather than a socket, you could use this other piece:


Ahhhh !
Wasn’t thought about the axle be in the “horns” holes !
Yeah good call !
I’m just worrying about the weight of the head, if it will be stable with a real model.

And something that disturb me in my attempt is that the technic parts would have to “stay” on hazardous positions, they are not fixed stable, that’s my first concern.

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I see you’re a man of culture as well

I just built the head out of spare parts in order to test for stability, and it seems perfectly solid:

You don’t need to worry about weight either, it holds up perfectly fine and can look around in all directions:


Oh ! Thanks !
The parts are not getting junky ? Moving on themselves ?


Not at all. The bohrok headplate is hinged, but it’s a stiff hinge that doesn’t flop around at all.


Okayyyy !
Thanks ! :heart:

Now I have to find the rest of the body to get with x3


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Big update about the Rahi, that I named Meknaga

Look at my cute little boy ~

Just a thing who let me this little taste of not well finished, it’s the tail that I find pretty weak for a snake-related creature, and when it’s supposed to be strong

What do you think ?


needs a little color but looks great!


Thank youuu ~

I wanted to make so artificial creature (maybe in full protodermis), so I wanted to make it full metallic colored ^^


This is a beautifully designed Rahi you got there.

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