I need help on how to make a decent torso and limbs

I have pieces and some other old pieces but I don’t know how to use right and when I try building it all ends up the same

you could find some help in this topic


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Honestly, the best way to learn how to do anything well, including building with Lego, is to first replicate something you think is “good”. If you can figure out how it’s built then you can better understand how to build better looking things in the future.

Another good way to build well is to try to make a “center piece” to parts of your MOC. In most cases it’s best to start with armor. After you select which piece to use and where it goes (I.E. leg, head, torso, etc.) do your best it make it look like it belongs with connections without large gaps and maybe similar textures.

For instance, this MOC. (at the bottom of post) It’s “center piece” (in this case pieces ) is both the Hordika shell in front and a Metru torso behind it. I then did my best to build around them in the smoothest way I could.

Idk though, I’m not a great MOCer myself and I’m still figuring things out too. In any case, best of luck to you.

Relevant photo