I need help with this darn mask

hi I been mocing for the better half of 10 years. but for some reason I cant find reference for this mask (the one on the right it has a gold shine but you cant see it in the light ) I know the one on the left is “the mask of power” but i’m sure one of you can help.



why’re you having trouble with Avohkiis?


no I just want to find what dam set it was in I cant find it at all

It’s in the Takanuva set.

The transparent one is the version of the left one “in use”. It came in the same set.

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actually, It’s the mask of light. It was worn by Takanuva, Toa of Light. He (temporarily) defeated Makuta on the island Mata Nui. It had a movie named after it (it’s kinda bad tho).

not sure about the other.

@Invader39 thanks I didn’t buy the set I got the masks in a huge bin off of kijiji so I had no clue if they were in the same set

@TheRed1s ya ya I know the story line they first called it the mask of power then changed it to the mask of light latter on in the series

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well, here’s a link to the set


ooh, the good old avohkii, I remember it, it was the first set I got in 2003 when I was 5,
it is the mask of light takanuva was it’s owner, it also came in silver with Makuta 2003 and Takanuva Star, the weird trans like thingy was supossed to represent that it is in use, I lost the gold one a decade ago…

this turned from an information post to the story of how I got into bonkle

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I think it was in either the 2002 Makuta set or the 2002 Takanuva set.

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it was Takanuva 02 @toa_of_death and @War_of_the_Worlds
I know since I also Obtained Whaddons Mask from that set as well

Takanuva set released in 2002. It included a vehicle as well including Jaller’s dead mask. If you would like a preview of the set, check out @Eljay 's Recap Reviews.

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it actually was released in 2003, takua and jaller were released in 2002

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Since the question has been answered, this topic shall remain closed.


Some of this misinformation terrifies me. You should be ashamed.

Jaller and Gukko, Takua and Pewku, and Takanuva were all release in 2003. None of the sets in question were released in 2002.

Both of the masks shown were included in Takanuva 2003, the gold one as his primary, and the second one as the mask “in use”.

Be ashamed.

@Asriel @CarumSarene @Whaddon @War_of_the_Worlds