I need some help figuring out how to work a phone camera...

So, I have this odd (although it seems perfectly normal to me) dislike of smart phones. As such, I have a flip phone. Yes, they still make those, and I’m probably going to cry when they stop. I know how to take pictures on the phone, but I don’t know how to send them to my computer. The only reason I’m asking is because the phone has a higher quality lens than my laptop.

The phone is an AT&T Go Phone Z223

I don’t know if a picture would help but here is one taken by my laptop anyway…

Im surprised with the fact that that thing has a camera


It is just four months old. It was literaly made 2 years after the Iphone 6 came out…

Well, you text it to someone who does have a smartphone… /s I mean, that would work, but you sound like you wouldn’t want to do that.

Is the charging cable a MicroUSB? If it is, you can use the cable to connect it to your computer and transfer files.

I’ll go check the cable.
This is a dumb question
Can I send it to my skype account somehow?

Once you get it on your computer I would assume that you can get it onto your Skype account (I don’t use Skype). From your phone, you’d have to have Skype on the phone, which seems unlikely since your phone only does what phones are actually meant to do.

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OK then, looks like I’ll just have to make due with my laptop until I can afford a fancy camera. In other words, plan B.

The thing doesn’t have a micro usb cable.


Can you connect the charging cable to your laptop?

no, sadly…

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…huh, that just seems like bad engineering

the cord has a micro usb on one side and a plugin on the other

then just buy a microusb to usb cable, and transfer the photos that way.

Thanks for all your help guys.

What you need to do is hail the Enterprise and ask Mr. Scott :stuck_out_tongue:

You could just email the pictures to yourself. It’s a bit tedious but works pretty well.

Step one- Get a new phone.

He cant follow to steps, he is one of those who dislike phones for no reason