I need some help with MOC names

I have some MOCS That I can't think of names for. :/
MOC 1:

MOC 2 (This time it's a female MOC):

MOC 3 (Another fembot MOC. stuck_out_tongue):


Gah, crappy GA weather. :/ It makes decent lighting really hard. XD


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Thanks!! ^◡^ That was fast. smiley

I don't have any names to suggest, but I want to say that I love your female MOC..

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Why thank you for the kind words. :3 Although I am confused as to which female MOC you're talking about, the red one of the blue one?

Lol, I've another MOC that needs naming if you wouldn't mind helping. smiley Here's some pics of him:

The blue one that reminds me of Gail Mata.

"Shelka" strikes me as a fitting one.

Oh, okay. smiley

Alrighty then! smiley That's what I'll call him :3

Lol, I've 2 newer ones that need names. stuck_out_tongue I think these'll be the last ones, though. Seeing as how I'm running outta parts & creativity. XD
Anyway, here they are:




Fred and George are uncommon names. stuck_out_tongue


Why thank you once again good sir. smile

XD Lol, that's an amazing name. stuck_out_tongue

Speak of the devil. stuck_out_tongue Lol, I got 1 more, & he's a bulky one:

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That color scheme is just.....mmmmm.

Tretrus. For some reason that's what comes to mind.

Thank you. smiley Lol, I ran out of stable foot-pieces in green or silver, so I had to use black. :/ Yeah, I may try to fix things like that in the future. Anyway, thanks for the name! ^-^

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I was referring to how delicious the color scheme is stuck_out_tongue

Oh, lol. XD Things like that can be hard to detect. stuck_out_tongue

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For the future. Try to find some defining characteristic, translate it into random languages, find one you like and fiddle around with spelling and pronunciation to your liking.