I Need some help

I Need help making MOCs like this

Instead of making crap like this!

Also i gotta do it with LDD. cause its my new Homie. And a big problem is. LDD Doesnt have G2… so its gonna be kinda hard… And thats where i have been mostly struggling. cause MOST of my creativity IS with G2!! and now im stuck with G1 And HF Stuff. Also its kinda hard to Navigate through LDD. Because of how BIG of a program it is its HARD. to go through and find all my peices. I mean i have been brainstormin just look at this guy

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Just practice as much as you can. You’ll figure out new techniques and ways to make your MOC look good. Taking Constructive Criticism into consideration is helpful, too. :smile:


I’d recommend looking through MOC tutorials on this topic and seeing if you can learn a thing or two from these techniques. Another thing I’d recommend is taking help from others into consideration, it’ll really help. Lastly, look through more MOCs like the one you posted. See if you can learn something from how they’re built.

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As @Joe pointed out we have a topic on various moccing techniques here:

In the future please refrain from making this kind of topic, since help is usually available in the form of tutorials or other moc topic’s feedback. There are many topics on the boards where you will find useful tips on how to moc better.

Wish you all the best in your moccing endeavours!

– Waj