I need your help

there is a guy near me and he is selling some bionicles but I cant tell what’s in the bin
if your good enough can you help me out?

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Off the top of my head, I see Zaktan, an 01 Hau, the Red Rahkshi, Nokama Hordika, Nuju Metru, and Gali Mata or Nuva under the Rahkshi.


there all old ones I know some of them like I see tahnok but some are hard to see. the guy has no clue he had them as a kid and is getting rid of them

There’s probably a topic for this. As far as helping, all I can point out is some Rahkshi, Tahu Nuva, some Hordika, and some Piraka. I’d go for it.

Gali nuva, you can see the leg.

Also, tahu nuva and at least most of the black visorak.
I also see some mctoran parts, a bohrok head, an almost complete nuju metru, and I see iruni’s shield.

Not bad, not a ton of parts for how I moc, but it’s not bad if you can get it for 20-30 bucks, I’d try for low 20’s at least.

he wants like 50$ I think its steep

for you guys who live in the U.S.A

American .75 = Canadian dollar 1.00

@Payinku all I need is the “skeleton” frame parts. I have a storage tub of armor and other little parts

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HAH, no, that’s too much, I got a parts lot like 4-5 times that size for, 100(cad), and it had some pretty great stuff.

I offered 30-35 he got mad :expressionless:

Too bad for him, it’s not worth anything near what he’s asking. Even if all the sets are complete, it’s not worth 50, IF all the sets were complete, and IF there was something rare that I’m not seeing underneath, it might be worth 40-45,
As far as I can see, there isn’t anything particularly hard to get in that lot, and there doesn’t appear to be that much to it, 25 bucks is the ideal price I’d go for, you could probably drop 30 and not feel too bad if it came to it though.

The problem is that the guy selling them has no idea what the sets are worth.
As well, I can’t see some of the sets on the bottom, if you could get more pictures that would make this easier for sure.

Yeah. 50 is quite a bit. I would just drop it. Or maybe ask if you can get some specific stuff for cheaper, instead if the whole thing.

Personally, I’d get them.

Did you see the part about how he’s asking for $50?

Oh! Did not see that!
I’m not really a G1 expert, so I might not be the best person to ask, but I’m gonna say it’s not worth it.

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I’d suggest buying it if you can get a good enough price. there’s a lot of good pieces/sets in there.

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Try bargaining for around $45-40. As others have pointed out there is some neat stuff in there. Are you able to see it in person before buying? If not caveat emptor.

Ok, there’s Iruni, Zaktan, a Black and Yellow Visorak, I think thats Nuju Metru,Tahnok, Gali Nuva, Red Rahkshi, some other stuff.

I just woke up.
My eyes won’t be helping here.

As for it being worth it, I don’t know.

I will try and bargain with the guy but I already have most or all the sets.

thanks for helping guys and gals