I Require Assistance: Toa Names

Alright, so I need a little help with names for my Toa Kuta. To make this short, the top three names are final, the ones underneath is still in the works for names and themes. (Genders stay the same.) So can anyone think of any good names for these?

Vortrakk: Toa of Ultimate Doom. (Instead of Earth) - Male
Ahkahna: Toa of Deep Sea. (Instead of Water) - Female
Ahkto: Toa of Venom. (Instead of Jungle/Air) - Male
Pakour: Toa of Rubble. (Instead of Stone) - Male
???: Toa of Magma. (Instead of Fire) - Male
???: Toa of Frost. (Instead of Ice) - Female

Also, should mention, they're half Toa, half Makuta.


Toa of Magma: Ferizar, Borzhan, Hirakk
Toa of Frost: Ilani, Jethra, Melri, Cherell

I could probably come up with a few more by throwing random syllables together...

Edit: I did.
Toa of Rubble: Molghur, Wharlesh, Phorekk
Toa of Magma: Tralon, Heathrax, Morzeldor
Toa of Frost: Trezahlis

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Toa of frost: Kizeka
Toa of magma: Malutam

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Toa of Magma: Kratris.
Toa of Frost: Garhina.

Toa Of Magma: Pykreus, Treliq, Heutast
Toa of Frost: Keliva, Suurasi, Taranas

Phiar: Toa of magma
Suyus: Toa of frost

Toa of Magma: Ignar
Toa of Frost: Glacia

These are the only two I could come up with.