I want to do Bionicle graphics novels but I don't know where to start

Really want to do this. It will probably be monthly. Maybe about 25 pages an Issue. I've been drawing Bionicles, and their comics to get a similar style. I don't want it to look weird and too different. I love the art style from the first few Issues.

I think TTV interviewed the artist in Pod cast 76 or something I don't really remember.

I doodled Tahu from the first issue at work. Didn't get round to doing the other Toa.


it looks good for what it's worth dude

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That Tahu drawing is awesome

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What its worth! This looks like it came from Randy Elloitt himself, btw this is very good. smile


I'm sure there are plenty of people here that would follow a regular graphic novel. Just don't hurt yourself drawing, it looks so time-consuming!


@NoCashValue Thank you c:


Seriously, you are incredible, DO IT.


Tahu without eyes looks like he's seen some things. stuck_out_tongue

That's a great drawing!

I'd love to see a graphic novel with incredible drawings such as these!

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BIONICLE Graphic Novels? This I've got to see. I like this idea already!

@Oniwah Thank you smile

@Rac Thanks!

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