I will guess your age! REALLY!

Look what trick I learned on Youtube! I will guess your age!

  1. Pick any number from 1 to 10.
  2. Multiply your choosen number by 2.
  3. Add 5 to your total.
  4. Multiply your new total by 50.
  5. If you have already had your birthday this year, add 1767.
    If you have not had your birthday this year, add 1766.
  6. Subtract from your total the year which you were born (e.g. 2003).

Now your total should be a three digit number.
The first number of your total will be the number you chose at the beginning.
The remaining two numbers are your age.

I found this thing on Youtube, and I wanted to show you this math trick! Like this topic if you like this trick.

this seems fun

It is! Did you tried it?

yes, but i got a two digit total of 26

And this is not your age…?


Or my system is wrong or is your fault.

Woopee apparently I’m 518.

What? So you have 18 years?

This doesn’t work. It’s probably missing a step.

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I hope we realize that subtracting the total from the year you were born is a dead give away for most of the steps being created for needless complexity.

I may or may not have tested that calculation algebraically.


The math doesn’t work anyways lol.

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I will try with my age.

It works!

Ok, start of with 5 and for the birth year do 1999. And like any math teacher says, show your work. I also had my birthday already.


Running it through it does work however most of the steps lack purpose since you can figure out age based on year you were born alone.


I didn’t realize this…

I’m going through the arithmetic and this still doesn’t work.

It works.


Oh rip. Didn’t notice that.

Xevins’ point still stands however.

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