Icarax and The Great Kraahkan: Timeline?

I am curious, just how long Icarax carried the Kraahkan? I feel like it had to be longer than a couple of weeks…but if anyone knows please do fill me in! Thank you.

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According to BIONICLEsector01:

During the Conflict Between Takanuva and Teridax, when Teridax and Takanuva merged to form Takutanuva, their masks also merged into the Mask of Light and Shadow. However, Takutanuva and his mask soon separated.

When the Piraka traveled to the Great Barrier to raid Teridax’s lair, Reidak attempted to steal the Kraahkan. However, it blasted him with Shadow bolts when he picked it up, so he threw it into the Silver Sea. The Mask of Shadows was later retrieved by Makuta Icarax, who began to wear it. Eventually, Teridax expressed interest in retrieving the Kraahkan, but before he could do so, the Kraahkan was reduced to atoms and scattered across the entire Matoran Universe when Icarax was killed in mid-teleport by Makuta Gorast and Vamprah.

So, if we give it the best possible estimates, Icarax had the Kraahkan since the Piraka’s raid on Mangaia, and wore it up until the Battle of Karda-Nui. If we go with the canon explanation that the entire MU saga took place in just one year, Icarax could have had it anywhere from 6-8 months? Probably less, but it was definitely a few months and not weeks.


according to BS01, on Icarax’s page, It says that he was instructed by Teridax, while he was on Voya Nui, to retrieve the mask from the ocean. According to the Kraahkan page, he wore it until he was disintegrated by Gohrast and Vamprah mid-teleport, and the mask went with him. So, with this information and the BS01 timeline, It would be somewhere between 1 year and a week, to 1 year and a month.


BS01 has a timeline? That’s new and helpful information. :laughing:

Well, using that, the Piraka’s raid on Mangaia was under the one year and three months area, and Karda Nui was exactly one year ago, so he actually had it anywhere from 1-3 months.



Year, looking at the year thing threw me off, for some reason I forgot thats in respect to the end of the story, so yea, that’s about right.


Thank you all for answering my question! You guys gave good answers and it was much help!

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No problem! happy to help!

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