Ice Beast, King of the Frozen

First posting on any forum, but this is my chance to really become more than just a fan making Lego MOCs for myself. So here is my start with one of my longest builds, Ice Beast. Evolved from the Frost Beast of Hero Factory Brain Attack. I have comparison pics on my Flickr, but this post is my latest in upgrades and tweakings…

We all have that one MOC or build that has meaning and values to us, and for me Ice Beast is that one. His journey of 3 years from start version of Frost to all his changes, and increase in size. Not sure how much more I can pull off, but the next planned work will be waist movement. Unfortunately, that means body redesign, and that will take a bit of time. So for now this is my current version, The Ice King Beast.

Well thank you for checking my creation, and hope the future will be full of more creations and inspirations. So till next MOC, keep building and creating,



This is just amazing. The red highlights really work for this build and those custom feet are awesome.

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thanks, the feet was a few attempts in making a tri front toe design with a heel, but a few bad attempts this is what I got to work. also the red and white claws are actually pairings to reflect back to Frost Beast. so besides the face and claws I wanted some little details to carry over.

This looks amazing. My only comment is that the upper thighs look a little weird.

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yeah, they are a progressive part, but it is more stable than past versions of them. but don’t worry, I am not set with them that way, just limited on parts.

As someone who thinks Frost Beast is one of the better beasts from the brain attack wave (and one of the few hero factory sets I own.) I have to say wow, this is amazingly cool. Great job! those fists are so cool!

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Aside from the thighs being a messy block of technic I really like this, that torso in particular is really nice.

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The thighs look a little blocky, but the rest of the design is quite nice.

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not bad not baad

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Frost Beast did some major physical exercise here!
Great usage of parts, your MOCing skills really shine with this model.

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This guy reminds me of the Wampa from The Empire Strikes Back.
In this case, however, I’d say that the odds of him taking arms are much greater than those of him losing them. Well done.

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That looks pretty awesome. Well done.

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I agree with you, Frost Beast was my favorite out the series, along with Stormer.


Thank you for the critique, when you look at it all the time. You can over look something bad, and I was worried about color parts. But totally messed part of the thighs to not blend. It will be with the next upgrade, along with the new body idea I have.


Thanks, I am looking into a smoother look in next upgrade session.


Thank you,


Thank you for the compliment of my skills, a reason why I posted here. to get opinions from other builders.


I laughed good with reference of Wampa, totally didn’t reference him, but so can’t not see the look, lol, thanks


Thank you,

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it is Ice element you got my vote for best moc of the start of the year, Joking aside, nice looking moc, love the look of it and the fact that it is an Ice beast make’s it even more cooler (sorry had to :stuck_out_tongue: ) cant wait to see what other ice creation you make next.

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haha, thanks, and I do have a few other Ice creation. Actually I have a lot of MOCs to share, but just starting this journey with sharing my creations on a forum. So just slowly adding to the community of great MOCs.

Wanted to thank you all for the ideas that I have leaded to new upgrades for Ice Beast. Here is one pic of the changes. Working a youtube video with LDD speed build to show some of the things I did to make Ice Beast who he is today

So till next build, good building, and keep creating, laters


Hello I’m kinda new to this whole thing but im a great fan of your work izewolf ur creation is awesome.

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Welcome to the community, and thank you for liking my work. I have many more to add, but Ice Beast has been improved by the comments from people here. I have a few other improvements to show, but for now I keep tweaking. So when you upload your creations, remember the comments here are from fellow builders, and only look to help improve your creations. Well till next, laters

Thanks I’m actually almost done with my own creation too and sorry if the feet might be similar to yours izewolf. I would never try to copy you so I tried to make own version. Hope you all like what I create.