Ice Planter Tundra Pioneer Mech

Clearing paths for other vehicles and doing heavy cargo lifting, the I-04 Tundra Pioneer Mech is a modified version of the Intrepid frame specialized for durability and use on Krysto.

The Tundra Pioneer features energy field armor surrounding the cockpit and chassis, back mounted sensor equipment, and heavy set armor to keep the Mech’s frame protected from the harsh environment and damage, however this comes at the cost of only having a single thruster on the upper torso to allow the Mech to jump if needed.
Its energy saw is mainly a tool but can be used as a weapon if needed.

The Intrepid-04 frame was designed as a multi-purpose space and terrestrial civilian Mech, capable of having many of its components easily changed out for different missions, but having low combat potential.

More images here.


I love this. It’s really sleek and smooth and the transparent haus as shoulders look really nice.

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This is great. There is almost nothing I can complain about here, the shins are great, and those shoulders are wonderful.


Reminds me of something from infinite stratos.

But that groin armor… it’s way too long

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The feet are a bit small. That’s my only gripe.

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[quote=“SonicBionicleMaster, post:4, topic:49119”] Reminds me of something from infinite stratos.
I’ll have to check that out, looks interesting.

Personally doesn’t bother me.

Space science magic forcefield feet
They were something I considered, especially because you’d want a big surface area to spread your weight so you don’t sink into the snow, I just decided to hand wave it cause I liked the small feet.

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Those Tahu masks fit perfectly!

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I really like the colouring on this, and the use of those translucent Tahu heads is great - didn’t realise what they were at first!

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looks cool dude really nICE use of pieces

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