IDEA: Ask Ryder Wyndham

I know this is nigh-impossible to come to fruition, but I’m going to bring it up anyway: Ask Ryder Wyndham.

Why I have this idea is partially because we have Ask Greg. The thing is, G1 already has more lore and characters than one could possibly imagine. I’ve noticed that the G1 questions usually (notice usually) asked of Greg are incredibly minute details, since G1 is pretty much fleshed out in every way. I know I’m generalizing a bit here, but relative to what I’m going to talk about next, G1 is essentially complete.

In G2, we don’t know what element Ekimu is (he’s a Toa of Light, but was that due to the crystal chamber in the Temple of Light, or was he born into the Light element? What element is Makuta, for that matter? If Ekimu was born into the Light element, does that mean Makuta was also a being of Light?), and we know barely anything about Umarak as well (judging by his stature, is he a Toa of Shadow? Perhaps he’s the Creature of Shadow, since there’s a Creature of Light and he was created at the same time as the other Elemental Creatures? Is he something entirely different?) - and they’re some of the primary characters!

It would be amazing to have Ryder Wyndham on the message boards to answer these questions, since there’s so much potential to G2 that was just never touched on. Whether that was due to LEGO’s choice entirely or due to backlash from hardcore G1 fans, I can’t say.

A pitch is just a pitch, and I’m not demanding to drag Mr Wyndham kicking and screaming from his office onto the message boards. But I feel it would benefit the community as a whole to have at least some of those questions put to rest.


It would be interesting assuming we could track him down.


At the same time, how much of it is going to be him shrugging his shoulders because nobody knows?


This is the problem. Wyndham has said that he got access to the original G2 story bible and tried to stick to it and was then told that multiple things changed and had to change his books accordingly. Greg was on the story team and had intimate knowledge of the goings on. Wyndham unfortunately was fed scraps and had to do the best with what he had.

So even if we could get him here (which would be cool), he wouldn’t have much to say about BIONICLE, and even if he could provide some insights, the G2 lore is such a mess as it that it would need a complete rewrite to make any sense of it.

It literally took me four years to do that, lol

It’s a nice idea for sure, but it’s probably best to keep it as an idea, unfortunately.

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