Ideas for a Steampunk LEGO Theme?

I think it could work with airships

something like Sky pirates or something
I'd love to discuss this because Steampunk is one of my favorite Genres.

(i can't select anything other than creative content any help?)

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A steampunk theme would indeed be interesting. I'd hope for some epic steam vehicles, maybe a car or a train.


something like this?

or maybe this?

or maybe this?

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Well ya all of those would be cool, but I was even thinking something like this:

see there is a very interesting craft

maybe even something like this

or this

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I've never really been a fan of Steampunk, but I do think LEGO could do something interesting with the whole style. Maybe CCBS Steampunk Avocados?

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now that'd be cool robotics in CCBS with gears and cogs or something closer to warhammer 40k

toa of steampunk ^


I totally read that as "CCBS Steampunk Avocados?" :laughing:

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BRB making steampunk avocado

Because that is what it says:


i failed so hard


There you go, @PekekoaOfJungle, your new Avatar.

Anyways, if we were to get Steampunk in any theme, would it be straight Steampunk, or a combination of two ideas?

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knowing lego i'd hope it would be pure steampunk

the real question is what sub genre of steampunk?


first world war?

sky pirates?

victorian age?

sherlock but with steampunk

Sky battleships?


Steampunk is a subgenre of scifi that has its own subgenres

I'm guessing Victorian, due to it being the most well known form.

i'd want first world war but they could name it the great {insert legos version of europe here} wars

okay so victorian

so then what genre of victorian

sky pirates?

or war? i'd want a mixture of the two


Just some Plain Jane Victorian Era Dudez and Dudettez with Steampunk.

It's scary. :cold_sweat:

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It would probably be like this set:


i see what that is

that's victorian mixed with Inventors mixed with the US 1870s integrtion with japan!

i wonder if i could ever get that set i want it so badly

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What about the steampunk Mixels?