Ideas for RPGs for others to run

As some of us know I’m completely incapable of running an RP :joy: I thought it’d be a good idea to have a thread for people who want to see certain RP ideas but don’t have the time/capability to run it themselves.

I had an idea for a Star Wars RP where an elite imperial squad crash lands and has to survive somewhere. Not sure where would be best, but i picture like a jungle setting.


I’m intrigued to see a Star Wars one

I would try to run one, but I’m very not good at it :joy:

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I had an idea for a police academy RP, where a hidden, new and dangerous threat comes about and the only people who can stop it are police cadets.

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I had an idea for an Exo-Force RP, where there would be a division in the society about robot rights, and it would lead to a civil war where players would have to pick sides.


a good superhero rp


I tried

An RPG that wouldn’t be better written down so you don’t have to kill all of your characters

It was probably better than the one @Holi’s talking about


I think he’s talking about mine haha

Holi was in an RP called The Superhero Revolution, a certain currently banned member often metagamed

Oh lol.

I’m thinking about actually doing a Star Wars RP, maybe not the one that I thought of, but still Star Wars. If anyone with experience wants to help run it HMU, I’ll need help

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I thought about a number vs letter rpg


I mean literally you choose a letter or number and play as it

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Ok then :joy:

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It was literally your first rp here. Don’t beat yourself up about it


I’m not, I’m beating the RP up about it because I planned everything about it so poorly

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There was quite a bit of auto hitting…


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A Xenoblade Chronicles 2 RP

Splatoon, where Agent 4 lost and you guys all have to fight off invading Octarians.

Golden Sun RP, still unsure where I’m the timeline though.

An RP where people play as dogs in a pack that is displaced by humans building in their land. Or a Warriors RP. Basically the same thing with different animals.