If Bionicle would ever return, what are your ideas for the come back?

I highly doubt it will come back before 2020, but that's not the question here. If Bionicle WOULD come back, how should it be handled? Should it be a reboot again, should it be completely set in a distant future, etc?

Here is my opinion:
I think that Bionicle G3 should be related INDIRECTLY to G1. Newcomers would only have problems if the G1 story is needed to understand G3. A reboot isn't a really good idea since it's actually annoying to have a repetitive storyline with small changes here and there. Hero Factory looked like a future version of Bionicle, but it was a whole different concept, and had no connection to the Bionicle universe. That's certainly why certain Bionicle fans never accepted HF.

The setting: Distant future setting of the G1 story. Indirect connections without really having to know the G1 story. Bionicle was already classified as a Sci-Fi, but seeing how the MU inhabitants and the Bara Magna inhabitants lived, I highly doubt that the genre is 100% correct. More sort of nice vehicle sets(hovers, speeders, a bit like Star Wars), and perhaps more long range weapons WITHOUT removing the close range concept like swords, spears, etc.
The Story should also be suited for everyone, not kids only. Avatar the Last airbender for example, did well.

Having new heroes instead of the old one would be a better idea, but a turaga set of some of our beloved Toa, and perhaps come backs of known warriors in Special Edition sets would be neat.

That's just my opinion and idea. What do you imagine for a come back?

This is an open discussion topic, but things like "Bionicle will never come back" or "LEGO destroyed the franchise, I don't want it back for a third time" are not tolerated for the simple fact that this is an open discussion about ideas on the come back, not criticism of it. Thank you.


I would want it to be good and that is it.

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What'd I want?


I'd imagine this story to span across three years. Starting off with a series.

Season One

Episode One - the Dream
Premise of this episode would be based around showing us how much Spherus Magna has changed, everyone living a giant peaceful metropolis - Schools and Libraries replaced the battlefields and Taverns with Inns replaced the arenas. However, as the episode progresses, we get to learn that the utopia is not as real as it seems - the Dark Hunters are secretly still there. At the end of the episode we get introduced to a "chief" of the city's police. To our very surprises, he is a Skakdi Dark Hunter - posing as a simple enforcer of law. He gains the Toa's trust except for one.

Episode Two - Shadow's Rising

Here we learn that the Dark Hunters are much bigger influence than the original idea of the first episode, showing masses of noble and political figures being aligned with the Dark Hunters. The Toa will be greeted and invited to one of the noble's house to consult their ideas. As the episode progresses, we will uncover the Dark Hunter, setting the Toa on a journey to find their elemental masters, the ones to teach and let them come to the realization that the city they lived in was not as clean as they had it for.

Episode Three - Hard Road Ahead

This episode will focus around developing the Toa's character as they seek out Turaga of the old times to teach them their true arts. I'd Imagine the Fire Toa to be Hot-headed, the Fire Turaga to be calm and harsh on his student. The Water Toa to be Strong yet rational, often outspoken, The Water Turaga to be calm and relaxed, perhaps a bit to much for her pupil's liking. The Earth Toa to be wise yet quick to get ahead of himself while the Turaga would be a bit reckless, crazy but wise at the same time. The Air Toa would be a free spirit and essentially Lewa, sharing his personality with the Turaga, they'd understand each-other well. The Stone Toa would be a fan of sports, he'd be determined and steady, The Turaga would be very opposite. He'd prefer peace and quiet - both of them would share the element of patience. The Ice Toa would be a team spirit and natural leader, often a bit too pushy on his friends while meaning well while the Turaga would be quiet and observant. At the end of the episodes, the Toa will be told a prophecy of their journey by the Turaga, they'd set them off to find their own paths.

Episode Four - The Prophecy

This one would also focus purely on character development, showing how each Toa deals with the prophecy - The episode would end up with cliffhanger as all the Toa are captured at the same time, thrown into the same cell - It'd be made out of a mysterious element that they couldn't heat, control or destroy.

Episode Five - Escape from Prison of Illusions

The Toa would eventually find their way out of the prison cell, only to find out that they are in a maze, clearly, they weren't meant to get away. Each of the Toa would decide to go a different path and along the way, strange vision would show up to them, teasing them about their pasts or tempting their needs - further developing the Toa - in the end, all the Toa would make it out alive, only to find out that this secret maze was located beneath the City's real, open prison.

Episode Six - The Festival of the Toa

An episode that'd be centered around the Toa and a festival that marked the day the Makuta fell - embracing the Toa and the Glatorian. The Toa would be honorary guests on the festival together with their Turaga. For a while, they'd enjoy the party until the lights went out - then everything changed. The Toa had to fight in complete darkness a foe they couldn't see - at all. Suddenly, the episode would cut to follow three hooded figures - One is a female with very sharp voice, the other is deformed and small male, the third being a very tall and sleek male. These three figures would approach the Chief of the Police who was already established as a secret Dark Hunter. The figures would reveal themselves as Makuta. The Tall one rarely speaks and appears to be very slim. The female Makuta bosses the other two around, her attitude is mocking and ragefilled. The third Makuta is absolutely nuts and crazy - but he can run like a devil. Te three proposed an alliance with the Dark Hunter upon which he rejected and laughed them off. Soon, this was changed when the female makuta would force him into submission, giving him no other choice than to agree. Then the shot cuts back to the Toa, turning the lights on, only to find the hooded attackers running away.

Episode Seven - The Legend of the Makuta

Here the Toa were introduced to the past we already witnessed, told about who the Makuta were - giving us flashbacks of each of the Makuta we knew so long ago, respectively going from Makuta Icarax to Makuta Teridax. Eventually, the toa will learn of the Makuta's fate - with one of them bringing up the question: Are they really gone?

Episode Eight - Warden Trouble

The Toa would be called to a routine mission, in order to defend the city's prison from a breakout. They'd fight all the prisoners back, eventually clearing the prison. In their joy, they'd enter the Chief's chamber only to find him conversing with the tall makuta, well, only the chief was speaking - The Makuta would teleport away but the chief was cornered. The Toa saw enough to judge him. They'd manage to fight him and subdue him, the chief would rise one final question before he was taken away. That question being "Who do you think will keep this city safe now?". After that, he'd be dragged away with one of the Toa silently whispering "We will."

Episode Nine - Makuta Teridax

This episode time-skipped a few weeks ahead, showing how the Dark Hunters became more prominent, they would face countless attacks in a montage of the past few weeks. The Toa eventually decide to find the root of the problem, so they went undercover and joined a small Dark Hunter task force. They'd eventually be led to a sewer which turned out to be a giant base of the Dark Hunters, sadly, not being their whole force. - They'd witness the Three Makuta step above the podium, claiming a speech about the New World Order and stuff - eventually, the female Makuta would uncover a sheet. It was the time-old relic of Teridax's own body. She'd take out a vial filled with Antidermis - Teridax's Antidermis. Slowly, she brought him back to life. She then - proceeded to stand aside and bow to Teridax, declaring him the new leader of the Dark Hunters. The Toa would want to get out of there at that point but the Makuta noticed them and chased the Six through the tunnels, eventually leading up to the Toa running away.

Episode Ten - Makuta Teridax (part 2)

This Episode will revolve around the Toa going through the stress of their upcoming battle with Teridax, they knew they'd have to face him eventually - so they studied his feats and past, learning about Turaga Takanuva. When they asked in the library about what happened to Takanuva, they were told that it is unknown - he simply disappeared one day, obviously foreshadowing the future. The Toa would consult their Turaga about this and cook up a plan to lead a small Task Force down the Dark Hunter base again, this time, hitting the Makuta surprised.

Episode Eleven - Makuta Teridax (part 3)

The climax of this season, the Toa would descend down the base with their small Task Force, slowly sneaking pass all the Dark Hunters, eventually nearly getting caught by the Quiet, tall Makuta. In the end - they would find Teridax sitting alone in a war tent. To their surprise, the Makuta didn't even bother to turn around and look at them - instead, he was insanely glaring into an old book, slowly murmuring something about "Him.... The Great Spirit..." in shock, clearly Teridax has a great PTSD - eventually, the Toa are caught by the other three Makuta, captured and set to be executed and made an example of before the whole city. The Makuta managed to intercept all screens in the city, to watch the execution. In their darkest moment, the Toa would suddenly gain courage, break free and fight the Makuta back - instead of fleeing to their bunker, they fled into an unknown sewer. When the Toa returned to the Dark Hunter enclave, nobody, nothing was there - they all disappeared. - They'd all happily celebrate expect the Ice Toa who was looking off into the sunset - knowing this wont be the last they've heard about the Makuta.

Since this post is already too long, I will add the other three seasons later on.

Now to the actual sets. I would imagine that corresponding to the first season, it'd be appropriate to list only the sets of the first season.

Winter Wave

Toa of Fire, Vahix (Red and trans pink color, yes I said pink - about time we got that one.)

Toa of Water, Nihli (A medium set) (Light blue and trans yellow colors)

Toa of Stone, Kupek (A medium set) (Burnt Orange and teal colors)

Toa of Earth, Lanuka (A Tahu-2015 set) (black and trans dark green colors)

Toa of Ice, Valiaah (A Tahu-2015 set) (White and metru blue colors)

Toa of Air, Pooki (A medium set) (Green and trans blue colors)

Summer Wave

Dark Hunter Envoy (A Skeleton Warrior set) (Black and gold colors, printed insignia)

Dark Hunter Marksman (A Skeleton Warrior set) (Black and gold colors, printed insignia)

Daraki the Mad (protector-sized Makuta, hunched and asymmetrical)

Orhia (Titan-sized Makuta, slender and tall)

Mahlki (medium-sized female Makuta)

Dravahk, The Shadowed One (A medium set, think Kulta, Skakdi)

Teridax, The Reborn (A Titan-sized Makuta, updated version of the original Teridax)


Sewer Turtlecrab - a Rahi promotional polybag, story-relevant

Toa Stones - Specially printed pieces to represent Toa stones, no story relevance

Graphic Novels

Much has changed - A book describing how the city was founded by Takanuva and Tahu and how they eventually broke apart, how the Toa Mata failed and how the new Toa lineage began.

The Tides Washed us Ashore - A book describing the coming of the current Toa and how they first met.

We Who Waited in The Shadows - A book focused around explaining how did the three Makuta survive Teridax's demise and centuries of hiding.

Final Words
Anyways, this is what I would do if I was given unlimited budget and set to make another generation of Bionicle - of course, my delusional dreams are just that... dreams.


I'd personally like a continuation of G2. It had a great premise but little was ever done with it.


If it ever comes back (please no), it needs to have a different name I think.

Ok, here are my thoughts: G2 was already an "indirect sequel". So I kinda hope it's a complete reboot, I also think making it system theme may not help my wallet out or my constraction fandom but at least it would gurentee the theme at least 3 years. I would also like it to take inspiration from later Bionicle years with a dark tone because G2 already did the light 01-03 tone, so I think something accustom to 04 would be a good balance. I'd also wish the theme to have its own "look" like Nexo Knights but with Bionicle's style. I also think giving it some sort of universal game like 01-03 could help marketing.

Overall it should look and feel like Bionicle so fans will know it's still Bionicle but with a new story would be the best option.

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I think that more smaller figures, that can still be build up would be nice. Having only minifigs like toys would be boring for me.

@MakutaTexxidos You should write something in the Literature section, or even make a comic, like I do sometimes. Well written, and you wrote down so many things. God.

Also, if you are an anime fan, I recommend you to watch Psycho Pass.

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More years than two, a budget, and a story made for chimps.

I'd take more reference from G1.


Huh? - I thought you said you wanted Bionicle's suffering to end few weeks before it ended. That's some major contradiction right there.

Exactly why I said:

It was of great concept, and the story eventually went somewhere. However, the lack of care from the business side of Lego made it kind of odd and unstable; books being cancelled or discontinued, shows being cut off early, and an overall lack of ample advertising.

Continuing G2 doesn't mean you must continue the habits of inconsistency like last time. The sets were great, the story had an interesting premise, the style was fun and creative, I just want to see this go somewhere. At the rate of the previous attempt at G2, it became obvious things weren't going to get better.

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How am I supposed to know what made you say that before, you never gave a proper reasoning to your own quote - it was always just that. You can't just declare something dead and then want it return once it dies - no matter what your decision was.

Anyways, ye G2 ended and it could have been better, big news everybody - now let's get back to crafting a fine argument about what would be cool to see in the new Bionicle. As I said before, I would favor a time-skip that'd give us a fresh start and could tailor old characters in as elderly or dead - telling their stories along the way.

Honestly, Bionicle G2 left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth for several reasons I will soon be discussing in a longer post. I wouldn't want something like that.

However, if bionicle ever did come back, I would want it to return to it's roots. I get that that was the goal for G2 playing on nostalgia, but it just didn't come across as it.

Really, if Bionicle were to come back, I would want it set on Spherus Magna. The way they ended G1 left LEGO with a completely clean story slate. No convoluted subplots were left- everyone was just on a new planet with completely undiscovered lore.

LEGO has full opportunity to build off of this. Starting a new Bionicle line, with new heroes, is completely possible. G2 failed, in my opinion, because all it had going for it was attempting to play off of nostalgia, which failed.

However, the clean slate spherus magna provides could offer a completely new world with new heroes and a completely new plot. This would keep old fans happy- they would see what actually happened to the heroes we loved after the GSR died. There would be enough nod to the old story to keep us interested, as we would know the backstory of how everyone got there and could see the new developments on the planet as continuations.

However, since it's a completely new and unexplored world, with all the old lore practically erased with the destruction of the Matoran universe, it would also be easier to leap into for newer fans of the franchise. They wouldn't be vested in the past of the world, but it's future and the story that develops from nothing there.

This is what I had in mind as what would happen when I hear the phrase "The Legend Reborn". I thought it would be a complete restart of the universe, which had grown a bit too complex, on this new and unexplored planet. The mystery we had at the beginning of G1 would still be there to get people vested into the line. I was wrong, of course, but that idea has stuck with me since.

The reason I really ended up hating G2 is because LEGO didn't capitalize on this massive opportunity to cater to both new and old fans. They took what felt to me as a cheap and simplistic approach of just rehashing the original story, but dumbed down significantly, to cash in on older fan's nostalgia.

Tl;Dr: Go back to Spherus Magna, and what is happening there. It's an unexplored world with a clean slate to launch into a simple storyline, but would also cater to older fans who know how the citizens of the planet got there.

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If BIONICLE returns, I want to see Gen 2 done RIGHT. That means I want characters like Ekimu and Makuta back, but when it comes to plot I want it done like G1.


Lego shouldn't bring Bionicle back. I feel the story would be better if it were created by the community rather than lego. when Bionicle gen 1 ended it marked that Bionicle's story no longer needed to be created by lego but rather the community. Plus the story could be more complex then gen 2 ever was.

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Well, if the community's creating the story, who would say what's canon? As well, some people might add things that make no sense to the story, or things that are just poor. Besides, complexity isn't necessarily a good thing. I think having a central authority, like Lego, helps to keep the story from becoming to cluttered or ridiculous.


That's what I also think. If everyone makes up their stories, which one could be included in the canon story. Greg still wrote some stories after Bionicle officially ended. It's just that I also want real sets, and not just names.


Lego could appoint certain people with in the community to decide what is canon and what isn't. Also the point of Lego as a hole is to "create your own" if Lego keeps writing the story for us it takes all of the creativity out of it.

Not necessarily. You could still write your own fanfictions and build your own figures, but that would just stay your own thing, as opposed to being part of canon.

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It's should be the reboot of the reboot, aka continuation of the Gen 1 story but in a much later timezone.

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But why base your story on someone else's when you could just write your own story from the ground up, which would be far more creative than a fan fiction.