If Eating is Possible, what about digesting the food using Toa powers and using Toa powers on the body

Going back to the games, BIONICLE: Mata Nui Online Game, as well as Saffire Corporation’s BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui, and BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa, the Vuata Maca fruit were used to replenish the health if consumed, whether the person who eats the fruit is either a Matoran or Toa. If that is the case, then it is possible to digest since the Matoran and Toa are living bio-mechanical organisms. If that is the case, is it possible for Toa of Fire to use their Toa power to burn the food inside of them and use their Toa power to accelerate the flow in their lifeblood or for Water Toa to move the lifeblood in themselves to initiate doping? I ask because I know that living organisms are made up of water, and that humans are about 60%, if that is true that living organisms are partially made up of water, it would apply to Matoran and Toa as well. And if this is the case as well as eating, I need to know if heating the body in the veins or accelerating the bloodflow is possible in a Toa. I mean this could be beneficial if a Toa is to fight as this increases Speed and Power to a Toa but it is very detrimental after using Doping as this could be used to some sort of gambit, and if overusing it may overload the Toa or maybe overheat the Toa from using this technique. I don’t know I am just asking because I want to know if it is possible. If that is the case or isn’t please leave a comment to help prove or contradict what I have discussed.


As far as I’m aware, toa aren’t composed of water. They’re made of protodermis. This would mean an toa of water can’t control their body using elemental power. Also, matoran don’t typically eat and digest food, rather absorbing the energy directly from the source. Knowing this, you could assume their digestive system converts the food directly into energy, with no excess.

You can’t compare Bionicle characters to humans. Different building blocks of life, different universal rules, etc.


Wait so Matoran are made up Protodermis and not water? I thought the Matoran and Toa were just like us. I was asking if it is possible if the Fire Toa could use his elemental power to heat himself further when he burns out the energy he consumes to increase his physical power and speed similar to doping.


No, they’re mostly mechanical, and the few “organic” parts that they have aren’t truly organic, instead being made of an organic form of protodermis: