If Eating is Possible, what about digesting the food using Toa powers and using Toa powers on the body

Going back to the games, BIONICLE: Mata Nui Online Game, as well as Saffire Corporation’s BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui, and BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa, the Vuata Maca fruit were used to replenish the health if consumed, whether the person who eats the fruit is either a Matoran or Toa. If that is the case, then it is possible to digest since the Matoran and Toa are living bio-mechanical organisms. If that is the case, is it possible for Toa of Fire to use their Toa power to burn the food inside of them and use their Toa power to accelerate the flow in their lifeblood or for Water Toa to move the lifeblood in themselves to initiate doping? I ask because I know that living organisms are made up of water, and that humans are about 60%, if that is true that living organisms are partially made up of water, it would apply to Matoran and Toa as well. And if this is the case as well as eating, I need to know if heating the body in the veins or accelerating the bloodflow is possible in a Toa. I mean this could be beneficial if a Toa is to fight as this increases Speed and Power to a Toa but it is very detrimental after using Doping as this could be used to some sort of gambit, and if overusing it may overload the Toa or maybe overheat the Toa from using this technique. I don’t know I am just asking because I want to know if it is possible. If that is the case or isn’t please leave a comment to help prove or contradict what I have discussed.


As far as I’m aware, toa aren’t composed of water. They’re made of protodermis. This would mean an toa of water can’t control their body using elemental power. Also, matoran don’t typically eat and digest food, rather absorbing the energy directly from the source. Knowing this, you could assume their digestive system converts the food directly into energy, with no excess.

You can’t compare Bionicle characters to humans. Different building blocks of life, different universal rules, etc.


Wait so Matoran are made up Protodermis and not water? I thought the Matoran and Toa were just like us. I was asking if it is possible if the Fire Toa could use his elemental power to heat himself further when he burns out the energy he consumes to increase his physical power and speed similar to doping.


No, they’re mostly mechanical, and the few “organic” parts that they have aren’t truly organic, instead being made of an organic form of protodermis:


@Au-Plau-Se The protodermis-based Bionicle characters eat through absorbing energy from food sources using physical contact - they do not actually “eat” their food.
However they still have the ability to do so, they just don’t because they find it disgusting.
If they chose to swallow their food after all, the intense energies inside their bodies automatically destroy all physical matter of the food source, so there is no waste.

They still have to physically consume certain types of food in order to get full benefits from them such as some medicinal herbs/fruits - for example Nokama had to chew and swallow a healing Karzahni root.

A portion of the ground erupted at the feet of Nokama. A small root forced its way up through the stone. “Eat of that,” the Karzahni said to her, “and you will be healed. What one of Makuta’s creations can do, another can undo.” Nokama hesitated. Perhaps this thing meant to poison her? But no, then its hold over the Toa Metru would be gone and her friends could safely flee with the vial. She knelt down, plucked the root, and placed it in her mouth. Its taste was bitter, yet she could already feel the strength flooding her limbs again.

Same with Karzahni tree sap:

One of the branches moved anew. Matau went to defend her again, but Vakama shook his head. The Toa of Air stepped aside, never taking his eyes off the arm of the plant. It hovered over Nokama and then twisted itself again and again, finally squeezing a few drops of thick, silvery liquid from itself. They fell into Nokama’s mouth. In a matter of moments, light returned to her eyes.

They apparently have to physically drink water or liquid water-like protodermis for hydration. They do not have blood, but posses an internal lubrication system, which may be the reason for their need for water - that and the fact that the organic tissue needs to be somehow hydrated as well.


Regarding this, their internal part of their body is somewhat similar to an engine right? And if a Matoran/Toa/Turaga is overheating, would some of the Protodermis leave the body similar to sweat leaving the human body or is it not like that for the Matoran/Toa/Turaga body? Please elaborate.


We don’t really know much about their internals, but regarding the sweat, I found only two references in text:

Vezok, Reidak, and Avak landed the boat on a secluded part of the Le-Metru coastline. Vezok pointed to the squads of Vahki soaring toward Ta-Metru. “I guess they figured out something’s wrong. Well, we’ll wait until dark. Let them sweat a little.”

“Once I would have said I wanted the mask myself,” Brutaka replied. “Once I would have seen myself ruling a universe with it. Now I guess you could say my vision’s improved – and I just want to see you sweat.” Brutaka smiled.

Where the term “sweat” is used in a colloquial sense, but does not describe actual physiological process of sweating. In fact there is this:

Q: Do Matoran sweat if it’s getting to hot around them?
A: No. Matoran are mechanical parts connected by organic tissue. They have no skin, thus no sweat glands.

That said, there is at least one instance of a character cooling down by releasing steam - Vahki Keerahk in the flash animation.


I think that’s just because it’s cold and it’s… breathing??? Donno if you have ever tried breathing when it’s -10 Celsius.

But why would a Vahki be breathing? It’s a fully mechanical robot, unlike Matoran…


You just answered your own question


Vahki do not breathe - it is indeed a cooling mechanism.


But it’s… standing still at high altitude in the coldest of the Metrus… So why would a Keerakh be doing that. :confused:

Also this implies Vahki need to refuel water.


It has been ghosting that Matoran all over Ko-Metru… stying silent and stealthy can be exhausting…

Probably, but that doesn’t surprise me considering they need to have some lubrication system, just like Matoran. They have moving mechanical parts (in fact only those).


Humans can work up a sweat in cold weather too. Presumably this vahki was just running, so it makes sense that the internal systems need to cool.


I will aslo add that car engines need cooling systems even in cold winters, otherwise they would overheat regardless of low outside temp. Same with Vahki.


The Vahki probably doesn’t have a water-based cooling system. I think that it’s actually a hydraulic venting action in the video, similarly to how steam engines must periodically release steam to stay at a safe pressure. The Vahki is fully mechanical, and probably stays at a relatively high temperature compared to the rest of Ko-Metru. This would cause a slight pressure imbalance between its internal systems and the outside air, causing it to have to release some pressure from its hydraulic actuators every so often. The preheated air or fluid would create a cloud of steam or vapor with each release, making it appear to be breathing.


Hmm, good point. Now I remembered Vahki are always described as running on complex clockwork mechanisms, so those would undoubtedly produce a lot of friction and thus heat.