If Hydraxon is revived, did Ignika revert Dekar to Matoran?

According to BS01 Hydraxon is revived on the Red Star. While the story was halted and we don’t know what have transpired on the Red Star, did Kanohi Ignika revert Dekar to his Matoran form since Hydraxon was no longer needed in the Pit knowing that original one was alive and well?

It would be impractical to have two identical beings both of whom think they are Hydraxon.


I would just like to point out that despite that, Hydraxon currently has no way of leaving the Red Star because the teleporter is broken, so as of where the current story ended it probably would be practical to have two Hydraxons as one of them is stuck in orbit with no way down :stuck_out_tongue:


That, and the Hydraxon on the Red Star is not the original Hydraxon. He’s the revived original, yes, but he’s an empty, emotionless husk, like all the other MU beings revived in the Red Star after… I think it was the cataclysm? I’m not sure.[quote=“SFtheGreat, post:1, topic:49914”]
It would be impractical to have two identical beings both of whom think they are Hydraxon.

No, I think it would be a great storytelling tool, if it actually occurred the way you’re describing.

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That’s not exactly the case;
From BS01:
“Additionally, while revived beings were intended to retain their memories and intact mental functions, the traumatic process of revival resulted in many beings’ thoughts being scrambled.[9]”

Note that this does not say all. It also doesn’t mean they’re emotional husks.


We do not know ho the Red Star plot ends, but assuming it is somehow resolved then original Hydraxon is reconstructed with memories uploaded etc, so his return might trigger some kind of failsafe for Dekar.

The idea for the question is because a friend of mine is a strict canon maniac and as MOCing Voyatoran as Toa sans Velika and as considering Idris as replacement, I mentioned Dekar as Stone Toa, hence discussion about Dekar and his transformation.

I think in that case, it might’ve benefited from being put in the future tense :stuck_out_tongue: