If I started making brickheadz via Stud.io, and selling them, would you buy them?

This idea just Pop(pun intended)ped into my head, so I was curious, would you buy them? Obviously if I have like a set list of products they would be different characters than LEGO does already. Here are some other questions:
Commissions or pre-made?
Where should I sell them?

I wouldn’t buy them. I’d just make my own. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d sell 'em to your family and friends, and then see if anybody here wants some. Maybe mocpages?

I did a similar thing, asking my friends and family for requests. I got 2 so far, and one of them is a large order.

what are those

None of mine are into the ol’ bricks


If I had money on a regular basis, I would.

But I’m not entirely sure something like this is exactly legal.

It’d basically be custom MOCs, which are sold online all the time

Alright. Anyway, like I said if I had money more consistently I’d be all over something like this. How much would you plan to sell one for?

If I did commissions probably only a bit more than what LEGO charges depending on rarity of pieces in each color

Well from what I’ve seen, Brickheadz tend to go for 5 to 10 bucks. Given that these are custom and made independently, you could probably go for 12 or 15. 20 I think would be a big stretch, given the general size of a brickhead. Though you also have to take into account how much it costs you per brickhead, so you end up making a profit instead of just breaking even.

All things considered, I think this is a pretty good idea, though you might want to try to advertise yourself in a few more places. Go out and try to market through other social media platforms to maximize your audience.

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I’d go for 8, plus shipping.

Well the problem there is that it probably costs more than 8 to get these things off of where he’s making them. When selling a product like this, you need to charge more than what it costs you to make and ship the product, or else you won’t make a profit.

I actually did what he wants to do, and it’s about $8 for all the pieces. I would include shipping as well, so that it rounds up to maybe $15.

Comissions and Pre-made, maybe sell them on bricklink’s moc shop, and id consider buying them if the price was right.

Theoretically you could try to sell them on the Bricklink MOC marketplace, but I’m not quite sure how that works, and tbh I don’t know who would buy them at $15; regular ones go for $10 and are often marked down to $5-$7. I’m not very into them, though, so perhaps people who are more into the collecting part of it would love some custom ones.

Maybe it would be better to sell instructions for $1-$2?

Also make sure you don’t cross copyright boundaries. That’s kinda important.


  1. I’m under 18 so bricklink isn’t an option
  2. To justify the price I think they’d have to be custom
  3. I need more than that bro lol

If they were 10$ or less, I would totally buy them.