If I were to share this story I've been writing would anyone be interested?

I recently had some time on my hands, and I got to thinkin. I loved the whole "Alternate Universe" thing, Dark Mirror and The Kingdom were amazing reads. So I thought it'd be fun to write a little story of my own. I ended up getting really into it, and I'd be happy to share it here. I've only written 2 chapters, but I have plans for making the whole story very in depth, like a saga. So my story is this; What wouldve happened if Teridax failed to take over Mata Nui's body? Not how he failed, but what The Matoran universe would be like if he failed. And a fair warning, I'm a pretty intense writer. So the story will be pretty violent. And I don't care what Greg says, I think stories are more interesting with love. So there will be relationships, and I don't care if that upsets you. It's my story! If enough of y'all are interested, look out for Brothers at War Part 1: Harmony, Chapters 1-3. I'll probably post it on Tuesday.


Go for it, especially since you've already written parts of it. I'm not terribly familiar with any of the alternate universe stories, but I'd read your stuff anyway. As fore the gore/relationships, as long as you clearly state that for people to see, I don't see any problem.

Sounds cool, would read 10 out of 10 times.

I for one will not read it because I almost never read literature topics

Sounds interesting, though

especially with this attitude

(and most of us hate that romance rule anyway)

Please, do share! I at least will have a read. smile

~ Dekky

I'd read it.

Thanks! I'm planning on tweaking some stuff in my free time the next couple days, but it'll definitely be up sometime Tuesday.

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I personally love AU stuff, so yeah, I'd be interested

(although you might want to post it soon as this seems a lot like a coming soon topic)

I'll read it, certainly.

Sounds great!