If Lego Did Another Bionicle Stars

If lego made another bionicle stars to end off G2 what would you do? The sets would be as crappy as the original stars.

  • Buy all of the sets, it’s the last bionicle line.

  • Buy most of the sets, the ones I like.

  • Buy some of the sets, as I usually do.

  • Buy one of the sets, I have to at least get one.

  • Buy none of the sets, there are far better bionicle sets.

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Would Tahu be protector-sized? That’d be odd, but kind of neat at the same time.

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Pretty much. Though I like to imagine them as differently-colored Soleks


I’d buy them all, just like last time.
Stars is the only wave I have all of.


Where’s the

‘‘I’d burn myself’’ Option?


The stars line did come out with a few unique armor and foot pieces which I would like to have more of. CCBS stars would likely turn out the same way (or not, could simply be more CCBS recolors.)


Technically wouldn’t the current wave of Toa be the star sets, I mean they did went to the stars.


Phew. I just found out about Bionicle ending and I’m glad to see the message boards haven’t died while I was gone. Anyways, I’s be kind of made at Lego if they did another Stars series, I might buy a couple of them though.

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Man, if it had Makuta and the MoUP, I’d buy 1000


Why have 6 crappy sets when you can have one amazing titan set.

All we need is Titan Makuta with MoUP, nothing more.


I mean if we had a MOUP, you could at least MOC a Makuta.

YES. I want this.

I actually loved the Stars of 2010, honestly. Not the best, but very creative sets. (Rahkshi of Heat Vision man… that was cool!)

I want Stars 2.0 because we could get sets resembling the Mata very closely, and it’s a good opportunity to release all the unused masks as collectibles (a la Golden Armor), like both Vahi halves and the MOUP.

Releasing the Toa as $10 figures with compact gearboxes would be great. Then, there could be a $15-$20 Makuta alongside, amounting to just 7 sets. I think that’s doable.

EDIT: What if the collectibles were (spoilers for JTO) fragments of the MOUP that could click together to form the whole mask?


Agori build was anything but creative.

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I was referring more so to the Rahkshi in that point. That isn’t the usual Agori build.

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Something like Tahu, Kopaka, Skull Grinder, and the mask makers in mini form? I could see this as a last ditch attempt to release the MoUP, similar to how the original Bionicle designers pushed for the stars line as a love letter to the series, but this time they’d have a major incentive with the MoUP.

So, yes! I’d definitely buy them. Both for the Mask and because I like neat little desk toys.


I’d buy as many as I could, as usual…

I actually made rough concepts about how it could had worked out

You can see the rest on this post:


Nice. I like the idea of them still having gearboxes. What’s with the torso?

It’s the new SW one (also with storm and quake beast) with the top part cut off.

And there’s an imaginary SW backcover to attach the head.

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Woah, that’s pretty neat! I got to make one of these IRL!

I think the wave would consist of Tahu, Ekimu, POJ or Lewa, Axato (who would be labeled Skull Warrior or Skull Raider, kind of like Nektann), and some other Beasts/Skull Villains.