If you could cancel a LEGO theme, what would that be?

The title says it all, If you could cancel a theme, what theme would it be?
I, would cancel Elves, it just runs out of ideas. Just a save the dragons, fight the bad Wizard/ Witch. Which one would you cancel?


I have been reluctant to say such things, because I feel I’m the only one with these views, and many would try to fight me, but I’d say Harry Potter. The sets aren’t bad, and the line isn’t garbage, but I’m a little tired of all the attention the franchise seems to be getting over a barely relevant prequel. Maybe I’m too critical of the series, because Star Wars is doing the same thing. I’m honestly just waiting for Overwatch, as I’ve said probably ten times before on these boards.


I agree with you. And what I don’t like at harry potter is that they made him a kid!! Ok,he was a kid, but grows, not just stays as that little kid

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I may get a lot of hate for this, but I would get rid of the most repetitive line LEGO has, LEGO City. I know some people like it, but to me, it’s just boring. Also Elves is a great line with amazing new pieces.


Maybe it has some good pieces, but i just got bored o the sets, they don’t have anymore plots. I even feel they will cancel it soon by theirselves.


I would cancel Star Wars. It’s way to repetitive. It’s just the same Space Ships each year. They have been going for almost 20 years already, and we get THE EXACT SAME SETS EVERY YEAR! We have like 10 millennium falcons, 10 At-At’s 10 X-Wings, and this can go on and on! And they keep pushing the theme for the pretext of the New Star Wars Movies, which suck in most people’s opinions (not my opinion, I actually quite liked TLJ, but most of my friends said it was bad). Just because new movies come out doesn’t mesn you should make sets for every single good or bad movie that comes out. We had enough Star Wars. 20 years is MORE THEN ENOUGH (only Techinc has been going for more then that). And if they keep going, the sets would get even MORE repetitive then they are now. They should discontinue it in my opinion, and get a new licenced theme, (I would like to see LEGO Mission: Impossible, that would be cool) or bring back an old licenced theme ( to be honest, LEGO Indiana Jones was the only licenced theme I actually cared about). Pls don’t kill me if you are a LEGO Star Wars fan.

I agree. They are pushing way to much with just diffrent police types (Normal Police, mountain police, forest police, and there are Rumors for comming in 2019. That shows how much they run out of ideas. It’s just the exact same sets every year. They keep it just because it’s a “Ever green theme”. Instead of City I’d rather have LEGO Castle or Space. In my opinion, thay should get rid of Themes that are already to repetitive and get back what people really want (Castle, for example).

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Although younger kids love city, because they don’t care if it’s repetitive, they will still want a new police car. I don’t like the theme, but I do think other people like it, and I don’t think a lot of the less involved LEGO fans would want castles or space.


I would cancel Overwatch, just to see the outrage. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d cancel g2…oh wait…


I’d also cancel Minecraft. The game was one of the most popular in 2016, people even called it “the fashioned game”. But now, bearly anyone plays it anymore. And the sets look just2boring. They run out of ideas, and Minecraft is not what I used to be. Why keep this theme? I also bearly see anyone make reviews to the Minecraft sets… Why keep something that nobody cares about?
Also DC Super Heroes should be discontinued. They keep it just because LEGO is obsessed with Batman. You always see them doing something related to Batman. And from what I saw, people didn’t even care about the new DC sets. Marvel is popular… DC is just LEGO’s obbsesion with Batman. Also, fun fact, The DC movies are nothing comapred to Marvel.


Yeah, sure…


One, that’s not true. While Star Wars often re releases updated sets, we don’t get the exact same sets every year. There’s always a gap between when versions of a set comes out, and sometimes it’s very large. We got a Republic Gunship in 2002, 2008, and 2013, and haven’t gotten one since (not counting something like microfighters). Same with Anakin’s Delta-7 starfighter. We got the original version in 2007, and just now got an update in 2018. That’s hardly releasing the same thing every year. The Star Wars vehicle catalog is just too varied to see the exact same things released year after year, as there’s not enough room in a product line to do so. While the X-Wing is a design that is released often, that comes down more to the fact that two out of three eras utilize some form of that design, and with new movies to market that feature said design, it’s a no-brainer to keep releasing it. Yes, it’s odd to see Poe’s black and orange X-Wing released and then just a year later see the exact same set but in blue on store shelves, but we went years between releases of a LEGO X-Wing. 2004, 2007, 2012, 2015. That’s the years of separation between X-Wing releases until Episode VII came out. That’s hardly the same thing every year. There’s also new batches of kids getting old enough to play with LEGO every year, which means eventually there’ll be a 7-8 year old out there that wants a LEGO X-Wing, and a new release will be around the corner because of the gap between releases (that sentiment holds more true in the past than it does now, but still).

Two, as other people have pointed out, if we’re getting rid of themes for repetitiveness, City would be on the chopping block, and so would be something like Castle. The whole reason people want Castle back is to relive nostalgic memories of the older versions that have become LEGO Classics. A new version of Space or Space Police would be more viable, as there’s more room for creativity.

The hate has been more directed at Episode VIII and Solo. Episode VII and Rogue One are usually held in higher regard.


I’d probably cancel minecraft, tbh.

It has it’s run, and it was cool for a whule, but now it’s just a waste of money. For both us and Lego.

But it’s not because the theme is bad, it’s just so that there’s more space for other themes like overwatch.


While I don’t care about statistics, you can clearly tell that Minecraft is not what it used to be. All my friends which were obssesed with Minecraft 2 years ago, don’t even care about it now. While Minecraft is still popular, it is Not the fashion game like in 2016. Now Fourtnite is the fashion game (even though I’d rather play Minecraft then Fortnite).

But the statics show the truth that it is still popular, so you can’t just dismiss that…


Minifigures are cool in Minecraft, as well as the mobs, but the sets still aren’t super interesting to me.

Though, I do like the Skull Arena set.

Can I revive Bionicle just to immediately cancel it again?


Would any sets come out?

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Except when you really look at it, Solo wasn’t that bad. It jsut got the hate ebcause it was riding off the coat tails of TLJ, which was a bad movie story wise, yet really nice to look at, most of the time…


I’d cancel Star Wars so Lego would have to be more creative with what they do.

Star Wars is so much of a safety blanket for Lego that they don’t bother to put as much effort into their original themes.