If You Get Kicked Out Of A Store...

…then what would that mean? Let’s say the store’s manager asked you to leave, and you did so. What kind of ramifications would that have? Would they not let you in there again? Would you be considered “banned?” Or would it just be a one-and-done thing?


I imagine it’d be a one time thing, unless otherwise stated. As far as I can tell, if someone were to be banned, the police would be involved and they would recieve some kind of formal notice, since returning would be considered criminal trespassing


Depends on why you were kicked out, and by whom. Some managers are more light with it, while others are more strict. (Your age is also a factor)
If they caught you trying to steal something some managers might ban you for a week while others might ban you for a year, maybe more.

But as Atobe said, you’ll most likely get a formal notice if it’s a long time thing.


You were asked to leave and cooperated? No police involved, no threats?

Then I suppose you’d be allowed to return once the circumstances around your initial removal changed. Unless you did something truly unreasonable, which would warrant you never being allowed back in, but in that case I don’t see why you would immediately cooperate and not have the police called.

Although I am curious as to what thewimpykid did to prompt this topic… :goo:


I remember a guy who broke into the break room at the store where I work… it was the second time I saw police escort someone off the premises. Guy also stole a bunch of food that was there for employees, which was an annoyance.

There was also a customer who was forcibly removed from the store after she started smashing up the wine aisles. Thankfully I wasn’t there for that incident.

This is what’ll get you banned from a store. Most other things will just wind up with you at most having to pay for property damage, but you’ll still be able to return to the store and buy whatever you want.


See, that’s what I think of when I think truly unreasonable; actually committing a crime of some kind. If you were loitering and making a bunch of noise, or generally being disrespectful to the premises and patrons, I don’t see that as a bannable offense, but enough to warrant a removal.


Yes, usually police would be involved for a ban.
And of course if you have been kicked out enough than it will result in a ban, or if someone is having a bad day you might be banned the first time.

Why do you ask?


For me, it wouldnt matter if i was banned or not, because i would retaliate, burn down the store.

For legal reasons i should state this is a joke.


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