If you had a toy/set based off of you/your creations

have you ever imagined you could have your own toyline/Lego Theme and/or you yourself and whatever series you have in your head are part of it?


Everytime i’m not doing anythin,i end up thinking about ‘‘what if there was a movie based off my character?’’ and i spend a while thinking about what it’d be like.



Honestly, when Bionicle ends I just want something akin to Mixels/Minifgures as constraction. Being able to get a bunch of $10 dollar sets that look quirky and have good parts, or well designed characters would be nice.

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It’d probably by cringe-worthy.

I suck at MOCing. We all know that.

RANNOTITAN ATTACK (I just posted the Rannotitan Moc on my topic BTW)

A dual set with the Rannotitan and a Protector with a design change, preferably Narmoto or Izotor.

Set number 666

Rise of LOOCH: 「G O D A R R A N G E 」

1 piece

Price: $5.99.

You open it and there’s only wasps and melted plastic. (hence the piece count being 1)


7148 Rockho
RRP: $12.99, £9.99, CA$17.99
Box Dimensions: 14.1 x 26.2 x 7.2 cm
Ages: 7-16

I wish so bad

I’d be up for a system theme based off of my sci-fi idea The Forbidden Lands, but it’d likely require a ton of new pieces.


I would have faulty parts.

The theme would be really badly designed and all the sets would have Inika builds.


85252 [censored]
RRP: [censored]
Box Dimensions: [censored]
Ages: [censored]
Pieces: [censored]
Contents: [censored]

As you can see my idea is too amazing (and unfinished) to be revealed at this time…


Well the largest one would be a Space station inhabited by fantasy races (but not humans) living in a sci-fi world.

A more affordable (but only slightly) one would be a portal chamber akin to the one from Stargate SG-1 but larger and with a quite large (and quite insane) centurion to guard it. This would be able to connect with the larger one using a modular system.

And that’s where I lost ideas on what to turn into sets.

I’d much rather have a Video Game based off my creations- OH WAIT there already is. Kinda.

I would make a theme with the same design principles and concepts as Kahi’s Divine Other. It would be glorious.