If you had super powers

Done! Thanks for the help, and while you are here what would you be?

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I get the feeling he’d be “Slime-Man”! :laughing:

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Hmm. I’d probably like elasticity. Maybe telekinesis too, if it’s not too OP.


play bioshock and you will know how OP telekinesis is,


“Who dares?!” -Illidan Stormrage, Heroes of the Storm

I’d be a gravity-wielding, black-silver-purple being. Boom, done, I call fo—

Oh, I need to go in detail? Ok.

Gravity-wielding would grant me powers of flight, super strength, teleportation, and also wall-walking. Also, there is a slight matter-manipulation involved, so I could create anything from literally thin air, this also includes black holes of various sizes.</span class=“spoiler”> Weapons of choice would include a gravity-infused, chained mace and a colossal, my-height-high shield, which I can use as a gravi-board, soaring through the air. :smile:
I call for a special man, the one and only @Waj


I would go killgrave and control minds :smiling_imp: i summon @Kardax

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I’d be like the 2016 Toa where I would have to either convince or force an animal or a person to hop on my back and I would gain its powers. Imagine the possibilities!

Just call me unity man


Dumb costume:


Let’s see my power would be pyrokinesis, I would be able to manipulate it in any way possible. For example let’s say I shoot a fire ball and I miss my target well I can control the flames so they won’t burn or cause harm to anything it hits unless its the target I want. Wouldn’t have a costume I would just wear a black jacket, any color ■■■■■, jeans and some black vans or black Nike shoes.

I don’t know if I would be a hero or villain kind of hard to choose and I’d also just go solo.

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  1. that remembers me of ant-man/woman
  2. I CAN FEEL THE POWAAH! those are your powers right?

I didn’t see many villains so Ima be one;
hello good sir, Im the villain, and you can’t defeat me cuz I have the powah to control time ehem VAHI ehem


If you think about it you can’t really defeat me either.

I would be able to control and morph based on different elements. For example, I would have a sword with different crystals, when I activate the red one, I could morph into fire and control it.

My costume would look like this:

and I would be a villain :smile: , and I would work alone…


Perhaps I should add nothing OP to prevent the “nuuu I’m super poweahful u can’t difit me!”


Here’s my Super hero in his suit. The sword is so bootleg it’s not funny.
Also his not as dark looking as that first image. I though he looked to evil with the really dark purple, grey, and black color scheme.

By the way those are his eyes on his sword.
here’s another picture of this guy with another color scheme.

The corners are there to show the part of the left doodle that I like better than the right doodle as a whole, controversially, I like the right picture as a whole better then the left picture as a whole.

And yes, vigilante in sandals.


Thanks Pak, I would go villain and my power would be telekinesis because you can do so much with it. Telekinesis is pretty OP but some of the other powers people have picked can counter it . My costume would be black and red cloak and hood. (so the good guys can’t tell when I’m bleeding :wink: )

I summon the ancient hero @Omega_Tahu


I would have the powers to clean any surface with ease.

I would be called the Limey Man.

My costume would be this

I choose @Ghosty


I would have the power to detect and avert socially awkward situations and wardrobe malfunctions before they happen, and have any random item I might need in a given situation in my pocket. Also the ability to drink tea even when it’s really, really hot.


I’ll take it

I’d be called Plural-is-cool-so-don’t-make-fun-of-him-plz-or-he’ll-crie-and-crieing-is-bad-for-the heart-and-lungs-man

My powers? Easy.

I’ll turn into an octopus and shoot Mixel Eyes, Paint Brushes, and Small Children out of my eyes.

@Looch, ya wanna team up?