If you had super powers

So here is how to play! You gotta answer what super powers you would have, would you be a villain or a hero, and if you would have a costume.

You may use images if you wish showing off your costume etc.
After you post your entry “@” someone to know if you would be partners or enemies, and if so then name your team!

So here is mine: I would be a hero, my powers would be a little complex: like an overdoze of energy, a living battery which would allow me to run at incredible speeds, shoot energy beams and heal faster.

My costume would be black and blue with some glowing lines, maybe a helmet or tiara not sure. I will post an image later.

Anyway @Chronicler I choose you!

EDIT: Be sure to choose something NOT TOO OP


I would have the ability to create chaos or peace of any kind where ever I would go, and I could control electricity. I would be a hero kind of but with his own goals.
@ToaSonus what do you think about being my only allie?
And my costume would look something like this.

I will have an actually picture of my costume later at some point but for now this is kind of what it would look like.

You know I can do this as well now that I think about it. I can create any form of chaos or peace. I could also just cancel out your Powers to.


just control time, the best power ever

and I don’t need no help, it’s me against the world.


Controlling air. Now, think about it.
I can fly, create invisible walls, suck the oxygen out of people, create constructs from condensing air, move faster by blasting wind, create tornadoes, and just generally cause chaos. Plus, I could give myself more oxygen so I could run longer.
Villain. Not by choice, but because I suck at handling power. I’d destroy everything on accident

And my costume… Aviator goggles, a heavy and huge jacket with a sort of flying squirrel mechanic built in, skinny jeans and bleached hair. I’ll have to sketch this out at some point

@political_slime, what about you? Would you be interested in DESTROYING EVERYTHING with me?


I would have the power of infinite luck! It’d be more powerful than you’d think! I’d essentially be able to have any super power or anything I want, with no effect on my life! It’s the perfect power! (Silence, Obi-Wan!)

My costume would probably be armor, colored dark red and with blue, glowing lines going down! I’ll draw it later, after using ancient, forbidden magic to bring my tablet back from the dead! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Lord_Tuma, would you like to be my partner?


Mind control, pure and simple. no costume, I’d be just another face in the crowd…
#until it’s too late


I would be the manifestation of shadow. this would mean no one can escape me, I can make people evil, rob people of sight, drown the suns light, killing all plant life, which would kill most carnivorous life and slowly destroy humanity!!! MU ha ha ha!! My costume would be black and intangible meaning it can absorb light and light up my spoopy LED lights.


Heh interesting, funny thing is you guys aren’t tagging people for the game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d be a vigilante, plain and simple, good and bad are all a matter of opinion.

I would wear an exosuit beneath baggy pants and a Ben Reilly style hoodie, with the face of the exosuit giving me the appearance of having a single eye for a face.

I would have three simple abilities, teleportation, electrokinesis, and the ability to forcibly ■■■■■■■■■■ my enemies into a form of my choosing, but not be able to ■■■■■■■■■■ myself.

And because the rules say to do so, I summon @DG_Eddie .

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because we don’t need anyone, we are all strong and independent
also CELPOOL is back

now with 100% more black&blue costume with glowing lines, I didn’t know where to put the glowing lines…


I’m…I’m not quite sure how this is a game. This is literally just discussion of what type of super powers you would have, with tagging someone else slapped on the end.

I mean, it’s a fine enough topic to discuss, but I don’t think it belongs here.


I thought I did Tag @ToaSonus.


I think being your ally would be, “groovy”, as you would say. I’d be a hero. Heroes can kill people, right? My powers would be as follows. I’d be able to summon specific amount of metal and manipulate in any way I want (I’d only be able to create small to medium-ish sized weapons). I’d also be able to emit bursts of electricity. This would be replaced with light blue fire when I’m mad. I’d also have enhanced strength, speed, and durability (No where close to the level of Superman).

As for my costume. A black ■■■■■ and genes. My arms would be black with glowing cyan blue circuit lines running down them. Along with any practical armor of my own design.

Let’s see. Who else is my friend here… Oh yeah. @OraNui


you mean jeans or is that something I don’t know about?


They could be DNA Coloured


No you’re right. No joke. My thoughts were drifting to genetics while I wrote this xD

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Oh I see, may I ask what category should I put it in instead? Kinda thought it belonged here but as you say.

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I would be a hero. My powers would be telekinesis and terrakinesis (ability to control earth and stone), both which would be useful in lifting heavy objects or enemy. I would be able to manipulate the land to create obstacles or utterly crush someone with a mass of rubble.

My costume would probably be bronze colored armor with specialized gauntlets that help to channel my abilities.

I choose, @Plural cuz why not


We are much more like anti heroes so yes we get to kill.


If you wanted to discuss potential superpowers, I’d say the off-topic category would be a good place to put it.