If you were a dinosaur

What kind would you be? This one is rather simple. What dinosaur would you be, and why. You can do fictional dinos like Pokemon or Digimon.

As far as real dinosaurs go, I would probably be a Triceratops.

'Cause they're my favorite.


A Chaoyangsaurus



Defiantly one of the cuter ones.

Aside from the fact that this could maybe be considered a trend topic.

Styracosaurus Albertensis...

This is like, an artistic rendering or something...

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We are brothers now.


Well, you created a "If you were a _____" topic. That's cool.

The next day you create another "If you were a _____" topic.

Seems like it could become a trend, and get shut down...

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Alright. This will be my last one. At least for a while. Don't want to repeat what I did to contests.

Spinosaurus! Specifically 4 quadrupedal.

Cause just look at it! do you need further explanation why this thing is awesome?


I prefer the biped form myself.

As far as I know it IS quadrupedal, though this is being questioned. Kinda sucks too cause we the first skeleton was found nearly 100 years ago and in 2014 we finally found another.

We're talking about this like if they were pokemon now XD

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A T-Rex or A Godzillasaur.

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A whole three hours before someone said Trex. I am impressed.

the best Dinosaur

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I know it isn't a dinosaur, but MOSASAURUS.

What is it?

There, I shall make an exception.

Eh... I guess I could be something slow and lumbering
Stegosaurus or Protoceratops

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I'd be either a raptor or a Therizinosaurus.

But those are small and fast.

There are many. Would you please be more specific.

bloody irony

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I like Tylosaurus and Postosuchus, but they aren't technically Dinosaurs, so I'll just go with the Ankylosaur.

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