If you were a Toa?

If you were a Toa, which element, Kanohi mask, and Toa tools would you choose?
(Example: I would choose the element of Plantlife, the Kanohi Faxon, and great claws and feet additions.)
Anyone else is free to respond as well; this is an open question.


Good question. I’d probably do a Mask of Speed or something like that, so I could get my house cleaned. And maybe Fire, since that is the only solution to the weed problem in my backyard.


If you’re doing weeds, why not have Plant life as well?

Not saying that I don’t prefer Fire though…


Best answer so far.

Everyone will have to do their gardenwork.


If I was a Toa, I would have to be a Toa of Plantlife, and my kanohi would be either the Kanohi Psychometry because with the use of plants, I could use the Mask powers at a longer range depending on what I touch with the vines I use from myself, and my Toa tool would be something that resembles the hilt of a Lightsaber but it forms plants as a blade and can change shape depending on how I interpret the weapon. Reason being, it would help me get an interpretation of the past in higher definition.