If you were the Overseer of Vault 112

I have an interesting question to pose to all of you Fallout fans out there.
What would you have done if you were the overseer of Vault 112?


I would have been the only decent overseer in the history of the wasteland. No experiments under my watch.

But seriously 112 is old news 111 is where it's at.

That was the Virtual Reality one, right?

I'd probably make a world for the residents to stay in and then make my own little area to do whatever.

Wipe everyone's memory and make them all Gary's.

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Allow them some of the good ones freedom(within the rules ofcourse) within some area while I either harm the bad ones or just use them as...personal guards

I would put all the residents in a training simulation to train them for war and force them to drink Nuka-Cola only.With the exception of water.