If you would be a demigod, who would be your god parent?

So, let’s say that you are a demigod, like in Rick Riordan’s stories, who would be your parent.
You can choose from Roman/Greek/Norse/Egyptian Gods.
I will go for Athena (Minerva). She is the goddess of wisdom, and also she is the tactician of Zeus. And I really like the stories about her and everything.
Your turn! Who would you choose and why?


Me. I’m a God of the humble.Sarcasm

Kick Riordan. Author and myth interpreter
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Bad references aside, I would be the som of Apollo so i can finally spit sick beats.


mostly athena i think

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My man!


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He is not a god.

Going off of Riordan’s series, I’ve always thought that I would fit with the kids of Hermes or Apollo, maybe Athena. (Apollo may just be wishful thinking, though, I’ve always loved the idea of using a bow and arrow.)

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Athena demigods can use the bow too. I don’t know how it is called, but the Athena demigods have the talent to use any weapon without learn how. Of course, they can’t use the bow as a child of Apollo, but they are as good as the Apollo demigods. This is why I chose Athena.

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He could still have kids probably

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He’s had kids.

I meant with humans…

Or has he not had any with humans… He probably hasn’t

No, I don’t think so.

He don’t have. He is a titan. I am not sure if he can have children with humans.

Hephaestus. Is the most logical choice. I prefer machines over people when trying to get something accomplished. I’m also generally skilled with my hands, I know how to use a forge, can weld, and I’m a slight pyro.

However, Athena would probably be my top choice, because I’m definitely not dumb and I’m very inquisitive. Im only lacking in the war aspect of her.

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The “war part” was added when she was adopted by Rome.


She was a strategist in Greek Mythology, but preferred negotiating.

I know that she liked both.