If your topic is unlisted, why can you still see it?

Well the question is simple.
Since I joined the TTV message boards I made a lot of topics, and some of them got closed and unlisted, which means that they can not be seen by the public eye. However, I can still see my unlisted topics.
Why? Shouldn’t I be part of the vast majority that can’t see it?


You made the topic, you can still see it. It’s how the message boards system works.

I mean, if you really, really don’t want to see your topic, they can probably remove it even from your eyes, but wouldn’t that be a bit tactless to do out of the blue? “You made this topic, but it broke the rules in some manner, so we’re just going to make it completely disappear from everyone’s eyes including your and you’ll be left wondering what happened to your topic.”

First off, you would still get the messages which informs you that the topic was unlisted, and so you could access it to see it. But once you click away, you can not access it anymore, just like with any other topic that is unlisted.

Yeah, I’ll fix that.

It’s your topic that you made, so only you can see it because you have the… well, the rights, I suppose.

Plus, if it has information you need access to, you couldn’t really access it… which would be kinda bad.

Unlisted means it just doesnt show up on the home page or any category pages. It can still be seen by the original poster and anyone with a link. They can also show up in the New tab if they’ve been unlisted close to when they were created.

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^ That

The word Unlisted is pretty straightforward - it takes your topic off the list of topics in the category. The option isn’t called “Make inaccessible.” : p

It just takes the (potential) attention away from the topic.

I just thought that this would unlist it from the user’s list too.

That would just have to be deleted then