Igduulwa, Toa of Gravity

Hand-painted Cosmic Miru by Pnicful.

In times of great trouble, Okoto isn’t the only place where Toa can be summoned.
Igduulwa descended from the heavens onto the island of Vanklar. She dons the Zakaz skin, a mythical reptile thought to have been slain by herself on her homeworld. She wields the Nhosyd Mandala, granting her protection as well as tremendous power.
Igduulwa shall claim her Silver Mask of Power from Oomxh, Guardian of Space, and become the Mistress of Gravity.

The MOC was designed with astronomical bodies in mind, such as nebulae, black holes and white dwarfs. The trans-neon orange right arm symbolizes the gas flow of an accretion disk in close binary systems, when the heaviest object is feeding off the other. The shield is an aestheticized reference to the concept of a Dyson sphere. To give a more mythological feeling to it, Piraka Avak’s spine is used as an animal coat, like the one of the Nemean lion worn by Heracles.

This MOC was made for the #Bionicle20ans collaborative project.
As Bionicle turns 20 this year, the Bionifigs community will celebrate these two decades of biological chronicles through all of 2021.
Each month will be dedicated to a year in the history of Bionicle - in December we focus on 2016.


Igduulwa, Toa of Gravity

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Really nice! I especially like the inspiration from things in space.

That looks really nice, i think my favourite part is the skakdi drip she has.

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Pretty nice, but the shield feels like it’s attached on the wrong side of the arm.

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Never seen an Avak hat before.

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Black and dark blue works pretty good for a Toa of Gravity.

Also, that is… quite the name.