Ignore this

My mistake, forget this exists.

What are you saying again? (We have a lot of BIONICLE RPs...)

... we have an entire sub-category dedicated to RP's, what are you talking about?

Much akin to the sentiment of Hawkflight, I would like some clarification of what exactly you want.

And even then, no matter what kind of setting it is for an RP, it should go in the Roleplay category.

What in the world?

Daheq m8? Read the names of all categories and then make topics...

A few things.

@Mist, we have interestingly too many BIONICLE RPs. Most have long since fizzled out.

@Nopasino, you may want to edit your language. This is a child friendly site and that is above the set level of swearing, regardless of how you spell it.

Also I get a kick out of this:


Fixed... Sorry for that, I don't have natural bad language filter, because I'm not from English speaking country. But I'll try to be a better person wink JK


No problem! I just don't having people's chances of Master condemned because of a few slipups that lead to flags.

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this is turning into the unnofficial "what?" topic.

also, what? again.