Ikir; elemental dragon of fire

Originally started out as a wing mod but things didn’t work out and he’s a wyvern style dragon now.

Who needs to ride a dragon when you can fuse with one?


Those new legs you gave him look pretty swag.

But I see some open axles on the legs. but other then that it is groovy man.


It’s very good! I like the way it can still combine with Tahu.

Awesome. Very awesome.

Just when I though Ikir couldn’t get any better…great job!

Still looks like a bird to me, but I like the look of him! Really cool!

I really like those wings…

That’s really nice looking, I already liked Ikir the best, but this just solidifies it. Good job!

Not really a fan, I don’t know it just doesn’t click with me I guess, ,it might be cause aside from Ketar and Melum the creatures are pretty good already. Good revamp though, maybe try making a new creature to be a dragon so you could get rid of the limitations of Ikir? that be pretty cool.

I can dig it.
Very nice :thumbsup:

Wyverns are cool this is cool, I approve

I love how ever so slightly different attachments can make the head look so different

this looks really cool

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Nice. Still clearly Ikir but still pretty distinct.