Illuminati info and Conspiracies in Bionicle

Does any have anyone examples of this??? I’m making a YouTube video exposing the lie that is Lego/Bionicle.


Lego copies what I do.

They came out with Power Miners. I thought, “Different colors = different powers or regions. We can have underwater monsters (blue), Mars monsters (orange), and lava monsters (red)!” Next thing you know, Lego has lava monsters.

There was a competition in the Lego magazine for Brain Attack: build a machine to help the Heroes defeat the brains. I built a six-legged walker for my entry (with pilot), and I built a 2.5 foot tall mech for my brother’s entry (with pilot). Next thing you know, Lego has Invasion from Below, with legged walkers and humanoid mechs with pilots.

All are just coincidences; each of these things are a logical progression for that theme.


Hmm…Thanks for the information. I knew Lego was pretty scummy, but stealing someones original ideas??? That’s low. Even for them. Do you mind if I use your story in my video?

Yes. Because they didn’t steal my ideas. I posted them nowhere online; Lego simply came up with similar ideas, and it became a running joke that my work was so awesome even Lego was doing things like it. So, please don’t actually use it.


Lego is cool.

If this topic was a joke, I’m sorry, I’m not seeing it. Maybe I’m tired.


There’s also Velika’s agents.


#lego did this to me send help please

My brother and I MOCed a pair of Toa once, in 2004. One was green with Orkahm’s mask, while the other was red with Nuhrii’s mask. They both where metru-build, used nuva armor, Rahkshi staffs, and shields made out of Vahki staffs and disk launchers that actually shot. The most ironic part, we called them the Toa Hagar. There is no record of them, and never was, but for years we thought our dad had sold the idea to Lego. XD


Hmm? With what?

Yo, Omnigul. No need to be disrespectful to other people. I deleted your disrespectful post because we don’t want to start fights. Understand? Thank you.



I don’t see any conspiracies with LEGO, I just see plastic bricks that you can make anything from.

If this is a joke it’s a badly made one…


Um… ok than…

You wanna go down this road?

There’s no road to go down metaphorically or literally.

So how 'bout you just take a few deep breaths and calm down, I don’t want to turn this topic into an argument.


Not sure if this is a joke topic or not.
Haven’t read all of the posts. If this is a joke topic, then it’s fine. If this is meant to be a serious topic, then I don’t think we should bring conspiracy and the Illuminati into it.


…what…no seriously…what…

This is the most idiotic thing I’ve heard all week, if it’s a joke, it’s still not funny.

First off, my name was based off the character Cyclops from X-Men, he has two “perfectly good” eyes…


You’ve all been told by Chronicler about behaving respectfully in this topic. Once again, please discuss things respectfully


Is this a joke topic or not?

This question still hasn’t been answered.

the loomynarty hired leg godt to make sets out of plastik
loomynarty had drank too much doritos and had eaten too much mtn doo
they said, “BONKLE”
leg godt now had a new theme,
with Greg “Canon-Shifter” Farshety helping with the story nuthing cood go rong

If someone can continue this, please do, as I’m tired of typing like that.

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I have a feeling it’s going to turn into a joke topic if it isn’t already.


That is exactly what an Illuminati spy would say and how dare you insinuate that this is a joke. This is serious business.

But yes I certainly hope this is a joke. And shut up it’s totally funny

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